One Buddha With Garlic and Butter, To Go

Mommy:..I see you've finished coloring Buddha (note: long story). Tell me about it.

Princess Seconda: ..Well, this Buddha is a girl.

Mommy: ..Ah.

PS:..See. She has pink hair.


PS:..And her head is glowing.

Mommy:..You know, once I saw a statue of Buddha with snails on its head. There is a story that the snails crawled onto Buddha like a hat...

PS:..Staring, deep in thought.

Mommy:.....a snail hat.

PS::..Well, that Buddha was a boy Buddha. I don't want snails on my head.

Moral of story:..You may tell me you're enlightened. The snail on your head says different.

Alternate moral:..Sigh. Boys.


anne said...

I often find snails in my ears at work... said...

Pfftt...didn't you also shove a blueberry up your nose, once? Still showing off, I see.



anne said...

I don't remember the blueberry - although, I might have burried that deep within my psyche. I do, however, remember swallowing a dime. To this day I regret that it wasn't two dimes and a nickel - then I would at least have a snappy comment about being able to make change...
(Note to self - remember to thank mom just because.) said...

Actually, I think it was me that shoved a blueberry up my nose.

I remember the dime. I was jealous that you got to have an x-ray.


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