Welcome Back

Dear Reader,

I could never fully express my unhappiness at our separation these past few days, and now, turning to weeks. I am well. Please do not imagine that I have spent long days stretched upon a bed of fine linens, my arm extended over a Delft dish whilst some good doctor opened my veins for yet another blood letting; one pallid leg uncovered to reveal the tell-tales mark of recent leech applications; soft tendrils of sweat-curled hair framing my face, my dear husband at my side whispering words of comfort to hasten my recovery: "Stay with us, my love; the daffodils are in bloom and the garden beds needs raking. And I can't figure out how to work the coffee maker."

Well, okay, that last part might have happened. I'll remember more once the cough syrup wears off.

Yours truly, etc.


Unknown said...

Hey, good. Yer healthy. What was that cough syrup? Jane Austen's Throat Elixir?

josetteplank.com said...

Mr. Cooper,

I will admit that during my convalescence, I may have watched A&E's Pride and Prejudice one hour too many. Although, a good dose of Colin Firth does wonders for, really, all that ails. On the other hand, why hasten to remove myself from downy sheets when there is more Mr. Darcy to be had and only coffee filters to untangle otherwise.

I promise to lose the accent shortly. :-)

Anonymous said...

After a whole week of waiting, just 1 paragraph and a little aside comment. I expected at least 1/3 of a novel. What Do you Do with your days...? If you expect to keep your fans checking in with any kind of regularity you are going to have to do better.

nadzent said...

Please, dearest Ms. Jozet, pay no mind to that odd character - Cuz E...I do suspect he is my husband, only in disguise. He knows nothing of the langour with which you are riddled (foolish man though he may be). It will serve your weary soul well to avoid his snide asides and unclever attempts at wittiness - no matter how cute he may be.

Continue to write at your will. We, your faithful public, shall contentedly sit by until your next attempt to do so.

josetteplank.com said...

Cuz E,

I thank you for you continued patronage. I know that it is difficult for the less fair of the species to acknowledge that those of the female persuasion do, in fact, become ill and would dare take to their bed roll for anything less - or more, as I would have it - than a roll in the bed. It happens, I assure you. I also understand that, perhaps, you have become anxious - as my good husband did - that shoud I lead your wife by example, she too may someday choose to snuggle-up avec eiderdown for an entire week, thus leaving you somewhat in the lurch. However, we have the utmost faith in you. Simply remember: socks first, then shoes. ;-)


josetteplank.com said...


Thank you for your kind words. You know I love your husband as my closest of kinfolk. However, he tells me that he now tools around in a big honkin' four-wheeler, and I know he's been swinging hammers (and what not) as of late. I can only imagine that What I Do with my days could never compare. And yet, he is cute - to wit - in wit; and more than a whit, he's a cutie.

I hope to soon come visit you on your lovely new estate. Will you be about next weekend? Email me.


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