Pine Tar: It Ain't Just For Armageddon

A breezy walk along the back 1/6 acre has revealed that we are the lucky owners of two white pine trees.

Good eatin', white pine.

I did not attempt to peel back the hard outer bark for a bite of the juicy pulp. However, I did pluck a few green sprigs and had a nibble.

Just let me say that if you ever have a late-night hankering for the taste of turpentine and... Christmas...pine needles are the way to go. And they can't be beat for a good anesthetic chew. My tongue is still numb.

Now, I just need to hoist my husband up the tree to gather a bucket of pine nuts. Who knew we were in possession of such bounty?

Evidentally, some of the first English settlers in the New World would dry the inner pine bark and then grind it into a flour. Whatever pine muffins they didn't eat, they used to scrub the linoleum.

Tomorrow: dandelion greens tossed with ramps in a pine tar vinaigrette .


Anonymous said...

Pine tar, pine trees, pine bark, pine sap tea...also used by Buddhist monks who were in the process of self-mummification. And yeah - it was way way long ago when that sorta thing wasn't illegal. :) Don't eat too muchadatdere stuff, chickie. You might end up sitting very, very still right through Armageddon. *grin* said...


You mean that Tom Brown, Survivalist Extraordinaire has been steering me bad?

Self-mummification, eh? Now that's a promising Google.


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