What I Did On My Summer Vacation, Part 1

Okay, not quite.

I have a bunch of jolly good blog entries to get down on paper, but it ain't happening quite yet. Bear with me, and here's a bit to hold you over...

Quickly, what I did last week:

Travelled with eighteen preschoolers to a duck pond where we parents then watched said children whiz bread chunks at the ducks. The class trip was on a Monday, and evidentally the ducks had been stuffed with stuffing over the weekend because not a one was interested in our offerings. So, after tossing in enough bread to soak up and lower the pond water by about a foot, we chaperons spent the rest of the hour-long fieldtrip trying to prevent eighteen 4-year-olds from throwing themselves into the pond. No strong survival instincts in this lot.

Next up, I accompanied eighty - yes eighty - Kindergarteners to the Hershey Cholcolate World Factory Tour.

Let's see...eighty 5-year-olds, lots of chocolate. Eighty 5-year-olds, lots of chocolate....

When you say it often enough in the the quiet of your comfy chair, the possibilities for mayhem are so obvious you just giggle out loud that anyone would think to put that many Kindergarteners in the path of so much chocolate.

And the chocolate was, of course, everywhere. Go see the 3-D Chocolate World Movie, get a handful of free chocolate on your way out. Take the chocolate factory tour, get a Hershey bar on your way out.

Now of course, some kids don't "react" to chocolate. As it happened, none of those kids were on our trip. I had cocoa-wired kids leaping into my lap during the movie, jumping from the car during the factory tour ride, and others just jabbering and drooling while spinning in circles and waving their hands.

Well, okay...maybe it wasn't that bad.

All I know is that when Mandy, the "quiet girl", asked if I had anymore Hershey's Kisses and I told her that I didn't, even she kicked me in the shins.

Ah yes, end-of-the-year field trips.

But, my most fun fieldtrip last week was...drumroll...my trip to the doctor to have an EKG.

Wait for it...Part 2 is in the mail.

(By-the-bye, I'm fine. Just best not to mention to EKG to my mom. She might...you know...freak out even if I tell her there's no reason to do so. Freak out, I mean.)


Om.powered said...

Oh sure - that's lovely.

"Good golly gosh, lil ol' me had an EKG this week but *giggle* you'll just have to wait to find out why..."

Niiiiiiiiiice. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel put out, she didn't mention it to the evil mother-in-law either. Her husband also didn't mention it. So what? Now I've gotta wait for part two? Am I part of this family or not?

anne said...

So...I'm guessing the EKG was done as a follow up to the Hershey trip? It would only make sense.

You should probably have an MRI on the ol' noggin while you at it.

Eighty kindergaten kids... What were you thinking? Although, I did get to go along on the kindergarten field trip to Knobles. Some people brag about battle scars, mothers brag about field trip tours of duty.

josetteplank.com said...

Dear Evil-MIL,

As they say in the papers: Now you know.

BTW, since we've finally caught up with the anniversary dinner, we can begin looking at Mother's Day and birthday breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner. We'll be celebrating Fourth of July in Spetember this year.

Anne -

I actually had an MRI on my head a few years ago. There was nothing there.

om.powered -

Pardon my giggling. I was thinking of the time my best friend and I discovered her mother's mantra. Oh-mi-gosh, was she ticked off!

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