Well, look who the Buddha dragged in

I had no idea that om.powered was someone that I knew in real life.

Well, I guess I don't really know her in real life, but as a different Internet incarnation.

Just goes to show you...you think you know someone's Internet persona, and then they go and take on another persona, and you begin wondering...

Is this person really who I thought they were? Or, are they maybe really Madonna? Or, Dick Cheney? Or, your husband trying to freak you out?

Of course, my husband could more easily freak me out by deciding to wear Utilikilts around the house.

Freak me out in a good way, I mean. Although, I suppose we'd have to get rid of all our window fans so we wouldn't freak out the neighbors.

Anyway, missy om.powered, I am now officially tagging you with the book meme.

Get cracking!


Julie Pippert said...

Who? Who? I'm dyin ovah heah!

And hey! What about my blog? I'll link to you if you link to me!

You can be the Clever One and I'll be the Artsy Fartsy One in the Special Club (name TBD since who can compete with Unity House?).


josetteplank.com said...

Weeeeellll...I dunno whether I'm supposed to "out" her or not. ;-)

And speaking of multiple personalities, Ms. Artsy Fartsy, have I been calling you by the wrong first name all this time?

BTW, my real name is Princess. Just Princess. :-D

And I'll link you tonight. I'm out the door to see Shakespeare in the park. I hope I don't get mugged. Or, hit with a cream pie, or something.


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