A little help?

Okay….Mr. Bradley Cooper, winemaker extraordinaire and frequent commentator on Halushki, suggested in the comments below that I affix a little RSS feed button somewhere on my blog and that somehow, in some way, those who are at all interested in being alerted whenever I post a new post, will be so flagged in the privacy (and please pronounce it privv-acy because the sonics will be more agreeable to your inner ear, really, I promise) of their own home…computer. Home computer.

Anywho, I’ve been trying and trying to decipher the instructions I’ve Googled in the hope that I can figure out (pronounced figger-oot) just how to make this modern wonder work for me, but alas, I’ve flunked out (pronounce that however you darn want.)

So, if anyone can instruct me - gently and with patience - on how to do whatever it is I need to do so that Mr. Cooper and my other steadfast (and/or snoozing) readers can be electronically nudged awake whenever I get around to electronically clearing my throat, I will be grateful to the nth degree.

I offer you the choice of either posting said instructions forthwith in the comment section of this post, or you can email me. And this is the one and only time I will post my email. Please do not misuse this opportunity and instead send me SPAM promoting the revolutionary and mighty-fine penis enhancing qualities of beet root juice.

My penis is currently as enhanced as I want it, thank you very much.


Use it, don’t abuse it. My email, that is.


anne said...


Maybe you can call my computer whis nephew on this. It seems to be very far beyond my scope.

josetteplank.com said...

Beet root juice.

It's very simple. First, you take beet...

Oh...the computer thing. Yes, I may just contact your kin. I did get a reply via email (non-beet juice related, I might add) and I'm going to give it a whirl this weekend. Right now, I have to get through two more days of Girl Scout camp and the Harry Potter release. Pray for me.


Unknown said...

You are a bold and fearless explorer.

Go to:


There is a step by step explanation of how to set up a feed and obtain your chicklet (hee hee) available by clicking the BLOGGER line in the left side of that green box.

It should be free. Don't give them any money for "enhanced service" or "beetroot juice stickfixers".

You will have to get familiar (intimate) with your HTML in the Blogger template. The good news is you don't have a lot of crap floating around in the right column of your blog.
My suggestion: once you are ready to publish your Feedburner logo/chicklet into your template, scroll down through the HTML until you see something about the BLOGGER logo and insert your new code line (paste) right below it.

Go slow and record any template changes so you can reverse them if required.

You can do it. Or you can find a geek to do it and belittle you at the same time.

How's your summer in PA this year?

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