We don't need no stinking geeks

Quickly, if you will all turn your attention to the the far right column and scroll down, you will notice a spanking-new graphic type thingy waaaaaaay down near the bottom. It's a teeny tiny rectangle that says "Feedburner" complete with jaunty orange flame...thingy.

That little teeny tiny thingy (and yes, that is the technical term...ehem) is also known in as an RSS feed button (but only by those who are trying to sound fancy) and has been placed there at the requests of numerous fans of this blog.

Okay, one fan requested it.

But he's a keeper.

Anyway, I feel like a real computer whiz having put that little box there after only working on it for, oh, ten days. And - and this is an important "and" - I didn't even have to buy a pocket protector. Or learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Okay...so...I sort of, kind of understand what it does. Or, what it should do as long as I hooked it up right.

I think that what the little thingy is doing is alerting anyone who wants to be alerted anytime I have strung letters into words and have felt sufficiently pleased with the resulting sentences, pleased enough to publish them for all to read. And weep. So there's that.

As a bonus, it also seems that whatever code I just put into my blog template is also causing a small but not unpleasant shock every time I hit the g on my keyboard.


g g g

g g g gggggggggggggggggggg

ooooohhhhhh...that's good

Thank you, Mr. Cooper....



Om.powered said...


Rats. It doesn't work for me.


Anonymous said...

That's why they call it a G-spot, my dear.

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