This Shit is Bananas, Part II

Pop Quiz

Under what circumstances would a four-year-old giggle maniacally and then - unprompted by either her big sister, her father, or her plucky imaginary friend, Bad Toe - under what cirucumstances would said child declare to her dearest mother:

"Mommy, your butt is paid for!


Your booty is bought and paid for!"

See...see...this is what I'm talking about.

And we don't even have television.

And I was NOT wearing my shiny pants.

So...riddle me this.



(I had a price tag stuck on my bottom.)


Anonymous said...


I just found your blog from your Smeagol comment on Julie's blog! Snort, indeed!

How are you? The Junebugs miss you!

Anonymous said...

More, more, MORE!! Jozet, I got the link to your blog from Cathy's (Space Age Housewife). You may remember me from CD. Anyway, you're a FABULOUS writer, and your posts have me in tears laughing--the only problem is I need more!

You should be published, woman.

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