Taking a moment...

to watch Matewan.

Taking a moment to write the Pope and ask that he canonize my Great Uncle Jack, who wasn't a miner himself, but who subversively dynamited a shaft that the company didn't timber properly, all so my grandfather - a miner who had six children - wouldn't get caught in a collapse.

Good ole Leonard of Noblac, patron saint of miners, must have his hands full elsewhere.

He must have been somewhere else.

Saint Jack of New Boston, Pennsylvania...

Saint Joseph of New Boston, Pennsylvania...

Yer lads are f*cked fer coal...and yer needed.


nadzent said...

Big Ernie told me that story just the other day - only he said it was Uncle Tony.

Let's cannonize them all.

josetteplank.com said...

My mother told me the story. Please remember her advanced years...we're trying to keep her mind active, but some days... ;-)

Just kidding, Mom!

Anonymous said...


I asked him this moring and he said it was one of them. So he doesn't know, I guess we will have to go with your mom if she is more sure. Perhaps we should ask Rosie, It seems that she has the sharpest mind out of all of us.

Does she know the story about Gfather getting traped in the mine. All Older E had to say was that (and every line was prefaced with "I think") he was traped 1x, alone, and for 24 hours and he thinks it was some where in New Boston, He also said he thinks GF worked in the mines after the imfamous tunnel closure. But doen't remember where.

ALso as a side note he told me he used to work making dynamite when I was just born. God help the guy who hired him--what was he thinking??????

PS your christmas card was returned to us-we must have a wrong address

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