In the meanwhile...

I'll have a new post up in a day or so.

I've been extremely busy waddling around the house and bumping into things with my splaying knees. I know that this sounds like something I could accomplish in just a few minutes each day, but really, it takes hours of preparation and calculated splaying at just the right angle for maximum impact. I've even consulted some old calculus and physics textbooks.

While I'm fixin' up a few paragraphs, I'd like to direct your attention to my sister's blog and her latest post in which she recounts a journey of a 1,000 miles (give or take) to pick-up a 100 foot windmill...errrr...turbine that she won on eBay.

Is That A Turbine In Your Yard Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Girl is gone wild.


Go check her out.

I'll be up and a day or so.


Debbie said...

wha happen? did you hurt a knee-bow? that blows, my voluptuously pregnant friend.

may your knee be healed quickly, so you can get back here and enlighten us further with your genius.


p.s. I promise to run straight to your sister's blog after the baby is down for the evening. said...

Oh no, nothing as exciting as's just that my hips are rather, uhm, flexible right now in preparation for birthing babies, and so I sometimes end up walking around like a marionette. :-)

gingajoy said...

yeah--getting to the waddling, stomach-bashing, knee-splaying stage myself. have squeezed myself into a pair of maternity jeans today that are at full capacity already. i feel like inflatamom. (and still 4 months to go....)

Anonymous said...

Okay...finally! I'm back. Went to camp and then moved my blog to Typepad. Glad to see you haven't had that baby in my absence.

Unknown said...

Hi. Here via someone's blog. It gets so crazy I can't always remember! I am soooooo glad I wasn't pregnant in the summer months. My babies were born in April and May so I escaped last trimesters in the summer heat. I checked out your sister's photo essay on the turbine travel. Very funny and I can't imagine ever doing that myself. Gutsy!

j.sterling said...

just discovered you! hurry back soon!

Jess Riley said...

Wishing your knees a rapid return to proper vertical alignment. :)

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