While I'm Sleeping...

...I mean, writing a new post - I swear to Aunt Betsy I am - here are more babies to look at.


My cousin Ernie and his lovely, amazing, strong and clever wife, Nancy, have gifted our wonderful planet with two of the sweetest baby boys you'll see this side of Halushki.

And now that Nancy has been able to post to her blog - and her with newborn TWINS! - I have no excuse. I'm perfecting my one-handed sleep-typing and will make it a point to not only write something, anything, but to begin checking back with my favorite bloggers to see exactly what's been happening in the world since I've begun spurting milk and walking into doors. CNN...pffft. I need to know what's up with Mom-101 and Omega Mom and Go Fug Yourself these past three weeks.

Do we hate skinny jeans yet?

I sure hope so...oh lord, my butt hopes so.


Mom101 said...

Oh me? I've just been sitting here, pining away, waiting for you to post. I haven't eaten, I haven't slept, I certanly haven't given a lick of thought to skinny jeans. Which, come to think of it, I could probably fit into now, what with all the not eating.

Anonymous said...

We hate skinny jeans!!

Anonymous said...

My grassroots anti-skinny jeans campaign has been subverted by the local high school girls, damn them.

Missing you muchly.

lemony said...

Oh, we so hate skinny jeans.

Fabulous idea in 1987 when I was a teenager and looked like a teenager. Now? Not so much.


Anonymous said...

Oh, stop it - I've seen your butt and it looks just fine, all things considered.

Not that I'm looking or anything, I'm just saying...

S.T. said...

Yay Jozet is back! I've missed you so much.

Your cousin's babes are adorable and I love the names, especially "Waylon" since I'm a big Waylon Jennings fan.

Skinny jeans rule! (Just kidding, I just wanted to be different.)

Anonymous said...

Do I get to be hip and artsy if I say I "get" the names of the twins? Bram Stoker, Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) At least, I think that's what they intended. Maybe not. Either way...cute, cute, cute! And how is YOUR little one doing?

We don't hate the skinny jeans...just the girls who can fit into them.

Debbie said...

walking into doors. does that fun *never* end? (I just did that this morning.)

please come back more. I am an emaciated zombie, w/the missing you.


anne said...

Ok, I can slip this in just under the wire...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya' big sis!

little sis

Anonymous said...

Death to skinny jeans! Except the ones rolled up at the bottom that look cute with my new green Dansko clogs. Now if only I could find some like this.

Anonymous said...

Woot! Nice to have you back. Best wishes - I will think of you and your butt ... er ... so to speak

Julie Pippert said...

Hey! You're back! I'm back! I bet even fresh episodes of Gilmore Girls will be back soon.

I do have fresh photos of Delinquent Children on my blog.

And I so hate skinny jeans. And leggings?

Dude, I didn't even like those the first time around, when I was a skinny jean.

I'm tired of the Kip's Big Boy pants all the teens wear/wore but am not kee non the skinny jean.

I will transfer my "Eliminate Boxer Theater" tactic to skinny jeans.

I will wear them myself. I will look horrid. I will approach teen girls wearing them and say, pointing at theirs, "Hey!" then will point at myself, "Hey!" I will add, hopefully with big gleeful smile, "We are SO HIP! Aren't skinny jeans SO COOL! All the soccer moms LOVE them. We remember wearing them at your age. Oh it's so fabulous to feel young again! I can't wait to tell my mommy friends teen girls are wearing jeans just like MINE! Like I did in the old days! I hope 'gag me with a spoon' comes back too. I love Valley Talk."

The idea being, of course, that they will be so horrified to be fashion-grouped with this fat, crazy, soccer mom that the trend will die a rapid death.

I'll take one for the home team.

Never you fear.

josetteplank.com said...

Julie, I think you're on to something.

nadzent said...

Jozet -

Thanks for the kind words i.e. our new baby boys! I have to say the Vladimir/Bram thing was a coincidence that we realized only after putting the names on the birth certificate forms. You see, my grandfather and father were/are named Bramwell, and being that your cuz'E wouldn't allow Bramwell as a name for our babes we compromised on Bram as a middle name in homage. Of course, the Joseph middle name comes from your grandfather/uncle/great uncle (?) and my other maternal grandfather. Cuz'E lobbied for the name Vladimir since before we knew we were having boys so I had to give it to him. And although both me and hubby will admit to being fans of good 'ol American country music a la Waylon and Willy, we really liked the name more than the man we took it from.

So that's the story of the names. And although we had some weird reactions to them in the beginning, after a week it seems like these boys could never have been called anything else.

And Happy Birthday to you! I tried to post a comment on the most impressive birthday entry but it seems you already have so many hearty congratulations that Blogger will not allow any more!



Anonymous said...

skinny jeans should fall off the face of the earth and die.

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