Enjoy! Please!

While I'm waiting for the haze to lift, please enjoy the following video that was not made by me but which I laugh at heartily. (WARNING for those of you watching on your coffee break *wink wink* at work: Salty language.)

From Barats and Bereta

Go to their site and check out The Good Word . I laugh. I laugh so hard I snort.


Anonymous said...

OMG! So funny! I did check out The Good Word too. Yes, pee-in-your-pants funny! I was forwarded the Mother's Day video last May too! Thanks for the laugh. Great way to start the day.


S.T. said...

HEE!!! I LOVE it! I'm immediately putting it on my myspace page. ;)

KK said...

I can't type. I'm still lol too hard. How do you find these gems? Priceless.

Michael Plank said...

This is why we don't have any clean laundry and we're having Pizza Hut tonight.


KK said...

Pizza hut? Just think of it as you doing your part to help the local economy. ;)

Darren Mallory said...


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G. said...

Those guys are hilarious. I loved the Mother's Day video too.

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