Hard Ball

Oh yeah?

Take that!


I think this picture was later printed in a 1980's parenting handbook in the chapter entitled "Is My Child Taking The Drugs? Three Easy Ways To Tell."

1. Bloated Face
2. Dark Glasses
3. Consorting with Hobbits

(I'm the one with the bloated face.)


Anonymous said...

I take it the other photo was later printed in "Is My Child Drinking The Cheap Beer?"

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the photographic tit-for-tat. Let's see how low you guys can go!

Kelly said...

Thank the good lord none of my sisters have blogs..thanks for the christmas greetings...the kids are getting so big.
They are lil darlin's.

Hope you guys have a great holiday!

anne said...

Oh. My. God.

See kids. See what happens when you take a long hike in the dead of summer with no hydration save for a pickle jar of tequila sunrise?

Thank God we weren't standing up so you can see how short our shorts were.

Anonymous said...

Is that Mark Lewis?

Mom101 said...

Oh my God, you're tempting me to dig into the family photo album when I see the 'rents next week. It's a very dark, very scary place. Sort of like the 80s.

josetteplank.com said...

Yes, that is Mark.

And yes, all good people should now post photos of themselves with unfortunate hair and wardrobe. :-)

Anonymous said...

if i may throw in my 2 cent, i too would really like to see a bad photo throw down between the ugly sisters. please ladies...entertain us! sparky

Julie Pippert said...

Oh my yes, LMAO!

Like Kelly said thank goodness my family doesn't keep blogs. My sister won't even post to mine, although she calls and emails me about it LOL.

Umm Jozet? I think a "bad photo" theme across the blogoshphere is a hilarious idea. I enjoy any chance at laughter.

However, I have just so many different decades of "OMG WTF was I THINKING?"

Maybe...narrow it down to an age, stage or decade...

Or maybe I'll just keep enjoying yours and your sister's...

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