Not Even Trying....

I'm not even going to try to come up with an excuse for not blogging.

First, my husband hates when I start posts with "Oh brother, sorry for not writing more...." He says I should just shut up and write. Well, he doesn't really tell me to shut up because, you know, I wouldn't cotton to such talk.

Second, I can't keep using my kids as an excuse, but really, the little darlings are sucking the life out of me. I mean that in the best way possible. That is, if you're going to have the life sucked out of you, then having it done by adorable imps is the way to go.

But enough about my sucking.

Here's someone who does not suck.

My sister.

Have you all met my sister?

I wrote a 5-star love-in for my sister a whiles back, and you can read it here.

My sister rocks long and hard.

And she makes me laugh like all get out.

Recently, she wrote a post about deer hunting, and I literally did LOL. I laughed out loud. Several times. I laughed so hard I snorted and scared the baby and then had to bounce around the room going "Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh baby! Shh!" This is how I do a lot of things these days. While bouncing a baby.

Anyway, hunting.

Yeah, I know it isn't real PC or anything. But you must know that even though I come from a long line of meat eaters and deer hunters, I also come from a long line of cat rususcitators (see above link to post about my sister.) Honestly, even if you are a vegan or cat resuscitator yourself, just try to imagine my uncle falling asleep on top of a coal slush bank while hunting and then waking up with a rifle in his hand and wondering where he is. C'mon! That's funny!

Or okay, it sounds funnier when my sister tells it.

In fact, she made it sound so funny that I gave her a ROFL award for November.

ROFL button

So yeah...while I'm still knee deep in kids and cookie dough, you should be reading my sister's blog for some homespun yucks.

My sister.

Did I tell you that she dresses as Liberace for kicks? She's my kind of twisted.

The Ugly Sisters in full regalia


Anonymous said...

You are right. Very funny!

Thanks for sharing it with us.

Mom101 said...

I want to best friends with both you and your sister.

anne said...

Hey sis! Thanks! That was awful nice of you.

Now about that picture...

Anonymous said...


Are you sure that's not Stan?

mad muthas said...

are you che? cool beard. nice with your spongebob bra, i would imagine

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