A Song Says A Thousand Words


I mean....

Sometimes, the written word just isn't enough.

Now purple rain, I get.

But, this next one I can relate to much better.

This guy is brilliant. Thanks to badmothergoose for turning me on to him. Thanks...?... to my husband for turning me on to Chocolate Rain.



S said...

Wow. Uh. At least the first dude can sing. There's that.

The second one is great! Funny, and then all of a sudden so poignant.

anne said...

Oh. So you found Chocolate Rain.

Hannah introduced me to that a few weeks ago.

I haven't showed that to hubby yet. Because I love him. And I would have to murder him after hearing him parody Chocolate Rain endlessly. It's for everyone's own good.

- said...

Much like Elvis on the Ed Sullivan show, Tay can only be filmed from the waist up.

tiff said...

OK - so I've just spent the better part of an hour looking at ,and finding out about, the Chocolate Rain guy. I'm beyond freaked out. Janet Jackson should NOT sing like that.

Second guy? Awesome too, and in a much less creepy, way more cuddly, whole lotta more lovely way.

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