¿Qué es más ofensiva?


Hoy decidimos lo que es más ofensiva.



Número Uno

¿Qué es más ofensiva?



¡El primer!

¡El primer es más ofensiva!

¡Ese bebé es muy repulsivo!

¿Trata otra vez?


Número Dos

¿Qué es más ofensiva?



¡Es el primer!

El primer no es natural.

¿Trata otra vez?


Número Tres

¿Qué es más ofensiva?



¡Es el primer otra vez!

¡La Madre de Dios le debe dar el booby a Bebé Jesús en el lavabo público tan nosotros no podemos ver Las Santas Chi Chis!

Último uno....

Número Quatro

¿Qué es más ofensivo?



¿Es el primer, el hombre gordo desnudo?


¿Es el segundo?

¿Bill Maher con el chorizo minisculo?


El más ofensivo es éste....


¡Ay! ¡Oh!

¡No mirar!

¡Muy horrible!

¡Socorro, policia!

Eso es la más ofensivo:

Perdóneme.... yo necesito vomitar.

ETA: A friend of mine asked me last night why I chose to write this post in Spanish - and very bad Spanish, at that. Well, first of all, the last time I studied Spanish was about 25 years ago in high school with Sister Concepta. So that's why my Spanish no es bueno. But when ruminating over the image of a lactating breast and nursing child as being somehow above-and-beyond in this world of far more...curious...images, I couldn't help but be reminded of the old Saturday Night Live sketch featuring Bill Murray's muy ridiculoso host of the "Quien Es Mas Macho?" game show.

Sorry for the obscure reference. But that's what you get when you read the blog of an old lady who grew up during the 70s.

BTW, the answer is Lloyd Bridges.

Lloyd Bridges es mas macho.


S said...


Sharon L. Holland said...


Julie Pippert said...

Muy bien!

Nobody's done it in Spanish yet! Or as a Pop Quiz!

Using My Words

Anonymous said...

Oh! My Eyes! My Eyes!

How could you post all those horrible offensive pictures?!

Don't you know feeding babies is BAD! It just makes them fat, and then they can't be in baby fashion magazines.

Food = bad!

Or wait... is it something to do with boobies? I always forget why I'm supposed to be offended.

Sorry, I could read your post, but it's too much trouble to dredge up my college Spanish to comment in el espanol.

Anonymous said...


karengreeners said...

I don't even speak Spanish and I loved what you had to say.

Debbie said...

see? see?


(I am, of course, referring to your brilliance, that shining genius I referenced after your last shiny, brilliant post. it hurts my eyes. it hurts so good.)

(esp. if you plan on posting this often. please hurt me every day with your bright, ephemeral brilliance. please?)

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

I almost failed high school Spanish but I'm pretty sure I get the cut of your jib, lady.

Dani said...

Es la verdad! Brava!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I don't know Spanish but read you loud and clear. Loved this!

tiff said...

Can I put up an argument that el gordo should maybe be considered a tiny bit offensive?

Cuz, ew.

(however, if he has baby sucking on one teat and the rest of the muy mas godoness covered up, I'd go with the other choice in a second!).

Anonymous said...


Muy Bueno.

Anonymous said...

My Spanish is rusty, but understood you perfectly!

Anonymous said...

you should do a German version - it is scarier and the word for Bill Maher's tiny sausage would have 34 syllables.

motherbumper said...

I'm pretty sure I got it though my Spanish is very weak - excellent post!

Amanda said...

Bien hecho, mujer!

VDog said...

OMG, you are frickin' hilarious. Love it. My post was, mmm, a little less funny. It was called "Boycott Bill Maher!" LOL

Great work!

Anonymous said...

I thought Montalban was mas macho!! How hysterical...I read your post befor you added the explanation, and kept hearing Bill Murray in my head while reading it! Nice job.

Kelly said...

I thought your Spanish was muy impressivo.

As was the post!

Laura McIntyre said...

Wonderful, did't understand much but the images

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