Don't Cry For Me, Schuylkill County!

Yes, it's that time of year again.

Time for the Dead Celebrity Party, to be held at an undisclosed location high in the Pennsylvania Appalachian Mountains.

I didn't go last year.

I forget why.

Oh yeah.


How could I forget the person stapled to my leg. (At the time, to my boobs.)

In holding true to a theme, I once again am dressing as a dead Latino. Or Latina.

There was Che, immortalized here, and on several billion liberal arts student T-shirts.

Then a few years ago there was Frida.

I am once again trying to come up with some celebrity I half-way resemble, but according to this

I don't look like anyone who is yet deceased. Thank goodness.

However, I now understand why chicks and drag queens dig me so much.

Anyway, as far as the dead celebrity I finally decided on, I'll leave you here with a teaser:

Look at the title of this post. Sssssshhhhhhhhh!

In other news relevant to food and all, here's an entertaining post or two to read while I put on my make-up.

Eggplant, Oh Eggplant

Leeks: Who Knew?

The Veggies Are Here! The Veggies Are Here!

WARNING: The last post contains photos of adults dressed as produce, and an evil smiling tomato, all of which may be disturbing to minors. And pets.


I'll be back soon with photos of my drunken debauchery.

I mean, my costume.


S said...

The truth is, I never left you.

Good one.

And aren't you adorable!

Julie Pippert said...

SM stole my comment! Again!!!

Okay let's both go as Elizabeth (the Queen. Of England. A long time ago.)

I mean we look like her, and each other, to some degree, so what say you?

I hope to have the hub dress like Robert Dudley but his idea of a costume is an orange t-shirt that read, "This IS my costume."

Love the Frida.

Using My Words

Anonymous said...

Clearly Meryl Streep needs to shuffle off this mortal coil, just so that you will have the perfect option available to you every year at this time. You wouldn't even have to do anything special! Maybe just a touch of magic bronzer glow on those luscious apple cheeks and along the sides of that patrician nose. How could the celebrity lookalike machine have missed your obviously separated at birth (by a few years) facial structure twin?

Debbie said...

god, J, not only are you brilliant and beautiful, you're brilliant and beautiful.

sigh. I wanna grow up to be just like you someday.

Julie Marsh said...


I need to try out that lookalike thingamajiggie. Very cool.

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