NaBlackFriPoDay 23

Black Friday.

I have to go out into the broil.

I have to work tonight at a retail store.

Not as bad as working during the morning, alright. But still....

Think of me.

Were you out shopping today? What did you buy? Any good bargains?

Any frightening bloodthirsty shoppers?

I'll be back later with a Geek of the Week. I'm sure I'll stumble upon at least one.


It wasn't too bad.

Mostly a lot of college kids home from the holiday getting all wild and crazy on pricey caffeinated beverages.

Although, I did have to remove several Playboys from the Kids Section. Seems that younger teenagers especially like to take the "anatomy" magazines and "hot, wet, naked yoga" books into dark corners of the Kids Section and pretend to read them under cover of a Tiger Beat magazine. Then they stash the smut mags and sex education manuals behind the Nancy Drew books. So, if your 9 year old daughter is looking for a copy of The Mystery of the Old Clock, you'd best be prepared to answer some questions about why Nancy is splayed across the hood of a Chevelle in her altogether. With a cherry on top.

So, my belated Geek of the Week award will this week reflect the true meaning of the word "geek" (see my sister's entry).

Oh teenagers!

The young ladies in their tight sweaters and their big-girl make-up, fondling lattes and striking "come-hither" type poses against the Best Seller octagon display -

The young gentlemen strutting their stuff, dropping overly-loud yet tres amusement bon mots for our entertainment (although, mostly, for their own), poking each other in the ribs and adjusting their jeans as they pass the Best Seller octagon display and the very serious young ladies who have all just snatched-up copies of Tom Brokaw's Boom! and are now intently discussing the sociological importance and long-lasting cultural resonance of the events of 1960s -


It's so refreshing to know that these otherwise worldly and sexually with-it young people can still be sent into fits of embarrassed giggling over page 32 in The Position of the Day Playbook.

Because that page sends me into fits of giggling, too.

So, that's my belated Geek of the Week award.

To teenagers and the young at...heart...everywhere who are now going to slip into the Sex and Relationships aisle to go check out page 32, and then try to hold back their giggles.

(Raising hand.)


S said...

No shopping here, unless you count catalog shopping...

Good luck braving the elements, er, consumers.

Blog Antagonist said...

Oh you poor thing.

Five or six years ago, I worked at Kohl's for about six months, and part of that was over the holiday season. I also worked in the management office of the local mall for quite a few years. It was an absolute nightmare.

Retail is really the only thing that fits into my Mom schedule right now, but the holiday thing gives me pause.

Good luck. Have a bottle of wine waiting when you got home.

Julie Pippert said...

Because I forgot earlier this week to get my niece's birthday gift for tomorrow, I had to go to the bookstore today. The Bookstore.

It was no different there today than any other day, maybe a teeny bit busier, but not even a line at the register.

I got all my gifts (including the birthday one) except for two. WOO HOO finished!

So I am hopeful that you found a Geek of the Week but didn't have much trouble otherwise.

I was probably trouble in the music department...what with my needing Soul and Shows and Ska Bands (in Pop/Rock...who knew?) and then all my talk of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones reunion at the Middle East.

I think they thought I was (a) drunk or (b) a terrorist.

Using My Words

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing.

Oh you poor thing.

(Echoing what blog antagonist said.)

Mary Alice said...

I hope you survived. You may be injured though...I see you haven't posted today. I am sure it was harrowing.

painted maypole said...

hello! i finally managed to make it over to you... for some reason when I click on the lovely comments you have left at my blog,your profile comes up as blocked. but search engines (now using - which donates i'ts advertising dollars to a charity of my choice) are such wonderful inventions, and I found you. So thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry it took me a while to come visit yours. I've been trying. Honestly.

And page 32? I was hoping your link would lead me there, but no, I have to actually go to the store and find it myself. And I just might. The front cover was enough to make me giggle though. What kind of strength does that take?

Katie Alender said...

I used to work Black Friday at a toy store. One year we had to call the police to come subdue our unruly line before we could lift the gates. The angry customers would try to make the cashiers cry if they couldn't get their Holiday Barbie or Tickle-Me Elmo. Merry Christmas, indeed.

Early on, I discovered the only place to be: the cash-only register. A steady stream of earthy, practical folks who get to skip the line. It was nice.

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