NaBloPoMoDay 17: Ugly Sister Smackdown

I can't tell you how much it pains me to do this.

But these photos will not be denied.

One word:


(I am so in trouble, yous guys.)

ETA: Okay. I don't feel that bad.


Pocklock said...

AHHH! Did all of your hair fall out after that? This is AWESOME!

anne said...


That hurt.

Just wait. Just you wait.

Cuz E said...

Being that I was there for most of these photos or ones vary very similar, it takes a lot to get me to crack up at the screen. But Oh boy that picture of your sister is currently the one to beat. Oh My God--Anne - I think this seriously merits a trip to your Mothers attic.

Surcie said...

Think they'll ever come back into vogue? I can't imagine.

Thank god my sisters don't have blogs.

Professor J said...

I permed my hair a few times in the eighties. Can you imagine that we thought we were cute?

Julie Pippert said...

And this round goes to...HALUSHKI!

ding ding ding ding

I am so unfortunate that my "perm" never grew out: I have naturally frizzy hair!

Using My Words

BenBirdy1 said...

It's very One Day at a Time! I like!

But not actually quite as much as your Easter bangs-mohawk.


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