NaBloPoMoDay 29: Question From My Sister

One more day!

One more day!

One more day!


Hey, look at my sidebar!

Look at the nifty badge-thingy I made to link to my sister's blog! I've been playing around with two illustratorish and photoshoppy programs I downloaded for free on The Internets. Okay, I'm no Roy Lichtenstein with the mad graphic skillz, but c'mon, I'd say that's pretty good for a first try, ain't?

Also, also....what did Slouching Mom do? Do you see what she did, that naughty minx? Do you see that other badge icon thing over there for the Blogger's Choice Awards? Do you see how she nominated my little ole blog in the category of Best Humor Blog?

Well, I'll be!


I owe her a Pepsi.

That was the nicest thing anyone's done for me since...since yesterday when my sister gave me a Quintessence Award for being her older sister - and not just because I still have one day to reveal the Perrier story, and she was buttering me up so I would not do just that.

Anyway, if you want to vote for my blog as Funniest Ha-Ha, well sir, I'd be much obliged. I think you have to log in to the site first, but after that you can vote away to your heart's content.

I don't expect I'll make much of a dent in the final outcome, what with being up against the likes of Puntabulous - who I just discovered and now have a mad and unrequited crush on. And Dooce, who - hello - I'm not going to even link to because that's like giving Bill Gates milk money. Not that I don't esteem and greatly admire and like Dooce, but really, she don't need me pedaling her wares.

But anyway, if I get ten votes altogether, that would be like better than sex.

Not that I don't esteem and greatly admire and like sex, but I just wish the boys would love me for my mind and not my hot...pedals.

Okay, onward and upwards!

Question From My Seestor

Someone famous is in town and hanging out with you for the day. Assuming you can get a babysitter, how would you spend the day and who is that lucky person?


Several people come immediately to mind.

And all of them for completely mercenary reasons.

I'd love for Bob Vila to come by and we'd spend the day putting a new roof on my house. Because I just got a new roof priced and, holy crap, $6,000. And I'm pretty sure that the shingles themselves only cost around $34.95, with the rest being labor and sunscreen and falling-off-the-roof insurance.

Although, I'd equally adore hanging out with Christopher Guest. We'd go to the Pennsylvania State Farm Show, and while fondling the John Deere tractors, I'd pitch him my idea for a mockumentary on the personalities and behind-the-scene shenanigans in the high-profile world of Indoor Chicken Dance competitors. (It's fer real, folks. Go ahead and click that link). This would be as opposed to Outdoor Chicken Dance competitors, because the X-games are a whole different scene.

Of course, I'd have a role written for myself as way to finally showcase my brilliant acting chops and extreme Chicken Dance mojo. (And, of course, I'd have to take Parker Posey out at the knees to ensure my spot in the film. I hear she gives wicked Chicken Dance.)

Last but certainly not least, I think I'd really enjoy an afternoon with Madonna, sorting through my old clothes, getting them ready for the thrift store. She and I are about the same size, and I think she'd very much appreciate some of my hand-me-down Payless Shoes.

Oh wait. That would be the other way around.

I'd very much appreciate some of her hand-me-down Dolce & Gabbana...uh...Jell-O molds.


Karen Jensen said...

Whew! It took me awhile to figure out how to vote and then to find you. But I have made my own small contribution to your quest for something better than sex.

Thanks for your kind words about me and my blog.

karengreeners said...

Voting now - though I gotta say, A Mighty Wind is my favourite. Sorry, Dad was a hippie.

Julie Pippert said...

Congrats and I'll vote for you if you vote for me.

And I am so not wearing that outfit next Halloween.

Using My Words

Mrs. G. said...

Best in show my get my family's vote for favorite all-time movie. Speaking of voting...

Julie Marsh said...

I will absolutely vote for you. Yours is the blog that makes me laugh most consistently, which is why I'm really not looking forward to the end of NaBloPoMo. I will miss my daily Halushki fix.

And I just took Best in Show out of my DVD player in order to replace it with Cars to pacify a grumpy toddler. Love Christopher Guest and company.

Mary Alice said...

Okay, you're halfway to better than sex now....if your husband only knew how easy you are.

Melanie said...

"What are you a wizard? A genius? Why didn't you tell me that before?" gets yelled around our house at least monthly.

I will go vote because you ARE funny and lovely and also because I'm really hungry for pierogi right now.

Kath said...

You did it! Congratulations on your month of brilliance and wit!
Kudos to Anne too - I enjoyed reading you both.

I have to tell you, it really was nice having your blog to look forward to at the end of the day - checking it was the last thing I did before bed most nights, and I usually went up the stairs laughing as a result. Sometimes, I even annoyed Savageman by thrusting the laptop in front of the book he was reading in bed to say, "Here, read this - it is SOOOO funny!"

Anyway, I don't have an award to give you, but there's a bottle of Frangelico on your front porch. (At least, I hope it's still on your front porch....) I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed your blog this month!

Karen Jensen said...

Wow! I want a reader who leaves me booze on the porch!

Sunshine said...

I wish Christopher Guest was my next door neighbor, I lurve him.

Best in Show is the cat's ass.

Carey said...

Congrats on your blogger nod! BTW -I love the jello molds! LOL!

Blog Antagonist said...

I don't generally put a lot of stock in those awards, but I have to say, that this one is well deserved.

Dooce has nothing on you. Well, at least I don't think so. I've never read her. But it's hard to imagine anybody being more entertaining.

anne said...

Bob Vila? Bob Vila??!!

That's brilliant!

And you so deserve the award.

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