NaBloPoMoDay 7: aw poo

I was fiddling with my blog template trying to change my email, and I completely lost all my recent edits.


Blogger is stinky-poo.

I think it's time for a, don't you?

Anyway, my sister seems to be ill still, and I'm hoping that she's feeling a bit better by now.

I had one of those days where I shaved a hunk of skin off my finger while slicing yams with a mandolin.

Then, the baby removed his diaper during nap time and did some fecal performance art. It was everywhere.

Then my blog template imploded.

I'm going to the movies to see the Darjeeling film.

I'll be back with a Halushki Award in a bit.


S said...

I like!

And it won't have been taken yet, I'd bet!

Oh, and yuck on the poop performance art. I've cleaned up after a few such masterpieces. Ugh.

Moobs said...

I have a domain hosted that uses wordpress and it makes me a happy moobsy

Anonymous said...

I totally love the "fecal performance art" comment. I've SO been there.

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