NaPoBloMeDay 21: Award

I had a tough day.

I had a 24lb parasite twin with achy teeth and bumbly ear clinging to my leg and/or boob all day long. The part where he was clinging to both required me to assume this position:

And now I am cranky.

And my neck hurts. Did you know that I have arthritis in my neck? Just a touch. Just enough to justify my whining about it.

My sister has a kick butt award post going on.

My award post will only be poke in the ribs kind.

My Best Of Award today goes to Mr. Arlo Guthrie.

Because tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

And along with turkey and cranberries and filling and kielbasa, it just ain't Thanksgiving without a round of Alice's Restaurant.

Even the pilgrims thought so.

So here it is, just in case you find yourself being drafted:

The Alice's Restaurant Anti-Massacre Movement

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

And don't forget to take out your garbage.


I'm back again.

You have to go over to Professor J's Place. Seriously

She has a Thanksgiving video on there that is making me LOL and ROFL and ROFLPIMP. You won't regret it!


Anonymous said...

yup you're right. you have to hear the massacre at least once on thanksgiving or there abouts. heard it earlier today on the radio(sure beat the perry como xmas tunes i was tortured by while eating cheeseburgers at danny's with spark this evening). hope you all have a nice holiday, love to the family. a

Julie Pippert said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Here's to hoping one more thing you (and baby) get to be grateful about is a break from the pain of teething: because we all know if baby ain't happy ain't nobody happy. Hope it is happy. :)

Using My Words

Karen Jensen said...

Thanks for the link. I listen to Arlo every Thanksgiving. You have reminded me that I need to go search through my records (yes, records).

I hope your neck feels better this morning.

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