Sign Up Now! UPDATE! Now with Date Winner!

Hey gang!

Did you sign-up for the fever-headache-puking-sore throat contest?

Because our household was lucky enough to win, and we only entered one time - when Terzo licked Thomas the Tank Engine at a some community play table in some big box store.

However, I think that there are entries still available

Check out your local supermarket. An easy way to win big is when your six year old runs her hands along every counter surface and display and then tries to pick a popcorn out of her teeth.

If that doesn't work, you can send your oldest child to school. Or have her play with someone who has been in school recently. Or have her play with someone who has played with someone who has been to school in the past few days.

I hear that fever-puking-headache-sore throat is all the rage in elementary school.

That and High School Musical.


It's the best!



Now that we're done that, and it seems that the ice and wind are giving me my computer back, I'll have the winner of the Win A Date With Jozet Contest posted later this evening.

I think there were three entries.

So if you've entered, your chances of winning this contest are actually even better than getting sick with whatever hit our house in the past week.

See ya in a bit.


Later that evening...

I've been trying to post a video of the contest drawing, and Blogger is thumbing its nose at me. Let me try posting to YouTube and see what happens. Thank you for your continued patience.

OKAY FINALLY! The exciting moment you've all been waiting for!

First, I'd like to say GO ME for being so secure and self-assured that I can post video of me not wearing a lick of makeup AND with my hair in the same barrette and styling I went to sleep in last night.

I'm nothing if not confident.

But mostly lazy.

Second, I'd like to request that everyone kindly ignore my kitchen, including (but not limited to) the Seagram's bottle on the counter and the smudgey microwave. The cleaning lady comes on Thursdays...Thursdays in my imagination.

The Seagram's bottle was for a special...recipe. Yea, that's it. A recipe.

Whiskey and Cornflakes, I think it's called.


Thee Winner of the Win A Date With Jozet Contest iiiisssssssssssss...

And there was much rejoicing!


Now, if for any reason the winner cannot make the date - you know, gets a painful hangnail or decides that it would just be too anxiety-provoking to spend an evening with me and my ax murdering tendencies - the runner-up would be my husband. My husband sincerely begs the winner not to get ill or to reconsider because, according to my husband, he's already heard his allotted quota of accordion rock-and-roll this year. That quota being zero.

Also, remember, if anyone would like to join us for food or drink or high-stepping gypsy-polka madness, just say the word! There's room enough in Philly for all of us. Although, I'm not sure whether the Gogol Bordello concert is sold out yet. It's at the Electric Factory on March 1st. Be there or be...not there. Or maybe be at the movies. Or be stitching hems on your kids' pants. Or be out at your clogging lessons. I dunno what it is yous guys do when you're not with me. Mostly weep, I suppose....

The winner of the box of Thin Mints will be announced tomorrow.

Don't you love a cliffhanger?


Blog Antagonist said...

Eck. Poor you.

I remember those days. It has gotten a little bit better now that my 13 year old is completely obsessed with personal hygeine. But the 9 year old still has a nodding acquainance with soap and water at best.

Hope everyone feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's going through my office too. I'm terrified of getting it. Like I don't puke enough as it is just coming out of my first tri-mester. All I need.

Hope your crew is better soon.

Anonymous said...

You win the prize for the first blog post about being sick that was not annoying and was actually entertaining and funny--Good job! (especially for a sicky; I'm impressed!)

Chris said...

We won the RSV and pneumonia lottery last week. And today, they drew our name for the Double Ear Infection Extravaganza.

I'll be so glad when spring arrives.

karengreeners said...

hey, we entered that contest and won too! must be rigged.

Variations On A Theme said...

What is your profession? (Pre-mothering profession?) You are so damn funny! And cute to boot! I love your blog!

PypersTune said...

Ok, first time I've been here, won't be my last. Too funny. I hear there have been multiple winners of this lottery. And my family has been oh so fortunate to win multiple times. Woo hoo!

Have a blast on your date!

Missie said...

Too too funny! If I did not live in the wilds of Missouri and was somewhat geographically able, I would have entered your contest. Also if I had known about it. Before it ended.

But I gave you a recipe for easy soup, so that puts me in for the thin mints, yes? (says girl who is a sucker for anything chocolate and anything mint and if they are together happily married it is a plus.)

p.s. thanks for visiting my blog.

mamatulip said...

I won the Sinus/Chest Infection lottery about two weeks ago, and boy, it was lovely.

Hope the sickness passes quickly.


"I'll wear my good fleece."


My mom used to have this one friend who was always in like, tearaway pants and fleece pullovers. She came to my wedding in her full regalia, and since then Dave and I have had a running joke about "dress sweats".

lengli said...

Whiskey, cornflakes, and polka - could life get any better? The Date Winner is lucky indeed! Please promise me you'll watch High School Musical after the show!

Mrs. G. said...

Bossy was an excellent pick. I hear she puts out on the first date.

Anonymous said...

I love your You Tube clip. You and your children are too adorable!

Have fun with Bossy.

Carey said...

Sorry about the puke-sore throat sickness...that sounds painful! We won our own version of that...the Flu. I think it was from some smooching going on in my daughters day seems as though they all have it...Feel better!

And congrats Bossy!

MamaMo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MamaMo said...

Hey, that Gogol band looks fun - were you a Pogues fan ever? [see my "Oh Bossy, How Do I Envy Thee" entry and scroll down to no. 10 and click "quirky 80's music"]

Anonymous said...

have you seen my bottle of Seagrams?

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! Feel free to dig around there and get to know me!

I have two words for everyone...

"FLU SHOTS!" This year I lined up my gang and it has been the best health-wise season yet!

And can I just BEG for the THIN MINTS! **Begging!!**

Get well soon! And.. I love your "voice" here on your blog!

:-) Beth

Melanie said...

Were I not busy here in the freezing climes of Idaho, what with the potato sorting and Senator Larry Craig jokes and all the rest, I would be there in a heartbeat.

I would even bring the Seagram's.

Mother Theresa said...

No thanks, I'll sit that contest out.

Have a great time with Bossy! Lucky girl.

Biddy said...

yeah, i've been working in elementary schools the past few weeks.

guess who went home puking her toenails up with a fever on the side!? THREE GUESSES!

Karen Jensen said...

Lucky, lucky Bossy!

Shawn said...

OK -- Wow, watch out Philadelphia that is all I have to say! Man, can it be a threesome?

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