For Your Friday Viewing Pleasure


1. What do you think this is?

2. If you could buy one of these to scare the deer from eating your petunias, would you?

3. If you had one of these as a pet, what would your kids name it?

4. Who will be the first recording artist or group to use one of these in a music video?

5. Which state politician will be caught in bed with one?

6. How soon before one of these shows up in your nightmares?

Have a great weekend!


Fairly Odd Mother said...

That got to be an MIT year-end project, or some military thing. I'd name it, "Tippy" and make it broadcast classical music as it tip-toes around my yard.

rockygrace said...

The answer to question 6 is, "the next time I fall asleep". Thanks, Halushki!

Kristi said...

How is it possible that I could feel sorry for a piece of machinery?

Do you think they stuffed a billion mosquitoes into those ruck-sack looking saddle bags? I could never have one as a pet. The buzzing would drive me crazy.

Julie Pippert said...

1. WTF?

2. I'd rather deer. I don't like petunias that much, anyway.

3. Probably Spot.

4. I can't recall all the hip hop artists, so I'll got with Justin Timberlake, and let's just hope it's not " a box, part II." That would be bringing back way too much of some kind of sexy I don't need to know, ever.

5. Dick Cheney, if God loves me even a little. And please please please let him have pasted a photo of Condi Rice on it. *hands together, lips moving*

6. I'm in control of my dreams. I'm in control of my dreams. I'm in control of my dreams. This in in control of your dreams.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Thanks for that. Now I can worry about this showing up at my house along with our newly-acquired snake.

Krista said...

Is it a house fly cross bred with a camel?

Whatever the hell it is, it freaked me out! Also looks like it needs some snow tires for better winter-tredding traction.

Was there some bizarre underlying quality about it that made it seem "alive"? When they guy kicked it and it stumbling around, I was like "awww, poor thing!"

Anonymous said...

Creepy at first, but she grew on me and now she's kinda cute. I'd name her sweetpea.

anne said...

1. Not fair, I already know.
2. I would not only use it to scare deer away, I would fashion packs for it so it could carry the petunias and my gardening tools around. Oh, that and bring hay bales to the animals.
3. Hmmm...Buzz.
4. Some alternative group. With connections to US Dept. of Defense.
5. I agree with Julie - Dick "I Love The Whine" Cheney.
6. So far, so good.

Mary Alice said...

It is a rare tarcamela...which is a cross between a tarantula and a camel. Ours would be named Sandy and we would use it to pack the beach supplies, cooler and such out onto the sand for the day. Tom Petty would feature it in a dream sequence style video and ummmm I'm thinking the esteemed Senator Craig of Idaho might not mind a tarcamela blow…..he’s already proven that he’s not too picky about actually seeing the blower. Any old stall will do.

Karen Jensen said...

I don't know, but about the time it slipped on the ice, I started feeling sorry for it, and I had to stop watching.

Variations On A Theme said...

What a great video clip. Surely they can come up with an inexpensive electric car now...

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late on the comment, but this was so bizarre it stuck with me! I saw something on Mythbusters the other night and thought - THAT'S IT!!! THAT'S IT!!

But it wasn't.

too weird and it is STILL with me. Where do people GET these ideas????

Tootsie Farklepants said...

After reading the questions I'm afraid to watch the clip!

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