Hey gang!

I'm moving all my book and what-not reviews to my brand new review site, Bleenies!

Right now, Bleenies is looking pretty bare bones, but don't you worry! It will be looking spiffy and hip in no time with a little help from a friend who knows more about how to get spiffy and hip up and blogging.

First up in the way of reviews is Part One of a review for Parent Bloggers Network for a super dandy new science kit, and seriously, I'm digging on this one so much more than the mechanical Venus Fly Trap.

Here's a little teaser and a hint as to the scientific speciality:

1) Don't look into it.

2) Do look into this:


Carey said...


Vinegar Martini said...

OK - I thought Bananna Phone was a song I had a hard time getting out of my head, but I'm sitting here humming "the sun it a mass of irredescent (sp) gas..."


Moobs said...

I love TMBG - I wish they lived in my town

Karen Jensen said...

I, too, love They Might be Giants.

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