Bloggy Love!

I've been meaning to do this for some time, you know...just passing along good vibes and adding to all the love that is out there in blogland.

Love! First a big, mooshy congratulations to Her Bad Mother on the birth of wee Jasper. That last month of pregnancy is always the longest, but the payoff is adorable. Now, I hear that there is a wild "almost born by the side of the road" birth story to be told, but we'll just have to wait until after Bad Mother has had a nice long bath, a snooze, and quart of ice cream to decompress.

Love! To Angela at Angela's Chocolate and Potatoes . Angela recently and graciously offered to answer any and all questions anyone might have in regard to what life is like when you're blind, and I got right up there and asked about her guide dog, Writer, sort of bumbling and blundering my way through the correct terminology.

There are other questions that people have come forward to ask, and Angela always answers with patience, kindness, and without condescension.

It's pretty widely held that, many times, fear or even anger toward people who are "different" - whether that difference is physical, mental, or cultural - is usually nothing more than an expression of feeling threatened by what we do not understand. And yet, the act of promoting understanding does not have to be academic or even require deep analysis. Something as simple as listening to someone else's life experiences, or being open to questions while gently correcting or even overlooking the typically offensive blunders that are meant in good faith (seeing eye dog? guide dog? I just didn't know...), is all that is needed for two people to finally say,

"Ahhhhhh. Yes. I do know you. Now, I recognize you. You are another human, just like me. Now whats say we go grab a nice lunch together and then go shoe shopping!"

Or something like that.

Anyway...maybe I need to start a Let's Go Shoe Shopping meme and blogger award for those bloggers who also patiently and graciously answer questions to promote understanding of all those very human differences, even when understanding isn't always readily extended to them. Not that Angela has voiced any complaints, know what I mean. Differences are not always accepted, let alone celebrated, I don't care how many "Diversity Rules!"T-shirts were sold at the last Lollapalooza Festival.

Better yet, how about the Chocolate and Potatoes meme/award? I'll get right on that button unless someone else is a quicker draw. Literally and figuratively.

Love! To Katie Alender, author extraordinaire, who styled me with a loverly E! award, just for my being so excellent! Thank you, Katie! And may I hand one right back to you? I'm just incredibly awed by anyone who has it together enough to also put their huge talent to work and craft a real, actual BOOK! Bad Girls Don't Die comes out in April 2009. Call your local big, gigantic bookstore and start asking for copies now. They'll be all like, "'s not even in the system yet and people are asking for it! Who is this Katie Alender and how can we get her first!"

Love!Speaking of hot authors, have I mentioned Jess Riley lately?


Well, she's hot.

She's a pretty good writer, too.

Heh heh.

Anyway, Driving Sideways is released like RIGHT NOW!


It's even got a page at with it's very own ISBN number!

Oh, ISBN number...*sigh*...more than anything, you are the symbol of international recognition as a writer even moreso than my two daily blog hits from Dubai and Perth (according to my stat tracker.)

Love! Last, but not least, a big squishy thank you to Vanessa Van Petten for including me on her comprehensive compendium of Best Mom Blogs. That would be the "best blogs written by moms", not "blogs written by the best moms".

Frankly, I find myself pleasantly surprised to find myself in the first category.

I'd run scared into the woods and never come out if anyone even considered putting me in the second category. I mean, c'mon...I've almost completely given up on any hands-on, proactive parenting with this third child, and basically, I just feed him lollipops at the first sign of a tantrum.

Well, okay, it's not that bad...but on days when we have to hit the grocery store, the school book sale, and the podiatrist all before 11 AM, I do tend to ignore the wisdom of Dr. Brazelton and rely more heavily on the Willy Wonka Guide To EZParenting.

...and this one provides you enough time to
throw in a load of laundry,

write a blog post,
call the credit card company to argue a line item for a pair of Clark's Indigo shoes that you told your husband you won at a church raffle for fifty-cents,
field dress a deer,
and then have a nice long pee
all without being interrupted!

It's parent-licious!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I won an autographed copy of Driving Sideways from Hollywood . . . Where Hot Comes to Die! Yay, me . . . I can't wait to read and review it.

I heart Angela too!

Mrs. G. said...

Way to spread the love.

S said...

you're good people, jozet.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I think you deserve Best Mom Blogs any way you define it.

And, now, gimmee one of those everlasting gobstoppers! I've got stuff to do!

Katie Alender said...

Oh, thank you! I needed that after a looooong day of dog show torment!

Bello (Buddy) Manjaro said...

thanks for stopping by my blog!!!!! made my day!!!

Kristabella said...

I love Jess Riley too!

And I lurve you too!

MommyTime said...

I am laughing out loud at the excellent Wonka description of that great chocolate. And where can I get some of those treats?! I need them. Thanks for the visit and comment at my place. I'm looking forward to reading around here more and getting to know you better.

Also? Nutella! mmmmmmm......

Jess Riley said...

I am positively verklempt by all this love! Thank you, my dearest!

Uh-oh, I feel some emotional ramblings coming on. Good thing I haven't been drinking this morning.

Debbie said...

you deserve every single award every created for blogging and momming, and also all of the ones that yet remain the twinkle of the award-creator's eye.

for thou art so supa-dupa. LOVE!

Katie Swaner said...

Ha! I know exactly what you mean on the questions to ask, but how do I do it without coming off as an ignornat jackass front. When my mom married a black guy I was finally able to ask questions about black people's hair without nervously wondering if I was going to piss them off.

If there are differences that you don't encounter in daily life, how else do you find out without asking? said...

ktrjdn -

I think that half the answer is in forming and asking the questions from a place of...humility? You know the old saying: "It's not what one says, but how one says it that sometimes says the most."

I think that, intellectually, we all know that people are people are people and the differences just shouldn't matter whether or not we understand them.

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure that there is some residual biological survival hard-wiring that tells us to be on guard when approached by someone who looks like they might be outside our "tribe".

For instance, people who wore socks with sandals were definitely once outside my tribe. Who were these people? What did they want from me? Did they not just get that if they wanted footwear to keep their feet warm, they could just wear shoes? Was this some flaw of reasoning or were they radical activists who would try to make me eat Swiss chard?

Years later and after finally asking my questions from a place of "I feel a bit shy but still curious" instead of "What the heck's up with the socks and sandals?", I've gotten answers and now I see sandal-sockers no differently than, oh, your run-of-the-mill Croc wearer. All are good people. Of course, breaking my little toe during the winter and the only shoes I could wear being sandals also went a long way toward breaking down those walls for me.

KatBouska said...

What a good idea to share the love. I am all about sharing love when I get the opportunity to plug someone into my post.

ps I LOVE your profile picture. Hilarious.

Peggy Sez.. said...

Bloggy Lurve AND field dressing a deer? Thats some good I mean blogging.

I won't mention the pee..

Variations On A Theme said...

Really, are you writing a book? You're so good.

I had a good friend in college who was a dwarf and blind. And he told me a story about a woman in a grocery store who brought her little boy over to him and asked if her little boy could meet him. The boy had obviously been asking questions. My friend said he was so grateful for that and he wished other people would do that, too...otherwise how would they know that not only was he a pretty normal person (well, he was a bit weird), but he was also getting a Masters in Psychology.

Angela said...

Oh thanks for the love.
Come over I would love to have someone to take me shoe shopping.

11111111 said...

Well now, that's a whole lot of love.

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