It's Mother's Day.

I get to do this once a year.

First place, Basic Skills Level Eight Freeskate
The Gardens May Day Competition, Laurel, MD

Oh, and also?
First place, Basic Skills Level Eight Compulsory

Step back, turquoise girls, and observe my
wicked awesome soccer moves.


Me? Oh, I'm just exceptionally cute.
You're welcome.

Got a brag?

Got a Mother's Day post of your own?

Feel free to brag in the comments or link to your post.



Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Awesome accomplishments--looks like a Happy Mother's Day all around.

Anonymous said...

Oh they are just SO cute! You should brag more often!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day! You've got some great and very adorable kids!

Blog Antagonist said...

Uh, could your oldest daughter looke more like you?? And could soccer daughter be mre fierce? Love fierce women.

And the read haired baby? GAH. Color me green with envy. I always wanted a red haired baby. He is seriously adorable.

Julie Marsh said...

Such gorgeous and talented kids! (Not that I'm at all surprised.)

Anonymous said...

So adorable. I'll brag about my husband who went out of his way to give me a fabulous mother's day. Between a brand new iphone, detailing my mom-mobile, and giving me a wake up back massage, he definitely made this mama's day. how blessed are we all!

Anonymous said...

Adorable AND talented, all three!

Mary Alice said...

Your children are just too cute!

Come on to my house - I have a Mother's Day post featuring the advice of many blogger's mothers:

Jess Riley said...

Look at those beautiful kiddos!!! Happy mother's day (one day late)!

Also, you just made my night with your last comment on my would do that for me?!?! (I want to send you a thank-you prezzie!)

And consider yourself in the mix for the rock.

Angela said...

Happy Mothers Yesterday to you!
Brag more often

Anonymous said...

I just adore seeing pictures of other people's kids. Coupled with the blog writing of all my internet friends, it really brings home the notion that everyone out there is very real...with houses and jobs and kids and lives.

Carey said...

Happy mom's day!

karengreeners said...

Not so much bragging as stunned humility 'round my place for mother's day.

But I can see why you'd have to. Geeee-orgeous!

Debbie said...

good gracious, lady, those are some delicious and lovely kidlets who also got some srs skeelz.


happy day to you, darling.

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