frgot 2 bring smorez on camping trp!

14 angree 9yroldz hung me frm trree by my bootstrps!

upsde dwn!

txt mssaging from cell phn

buzzrds R circling!

plz snd reinfrcmnts w/laddr n knife!

n bandaidz!

(n beer)

signd -

ur leadr



Kath said...

The Savage Boyz are on their way!

Blog Antagonist said...

So, um, you're having a good time?

Julie Marsh said...

You didn't bring s'mores?

Sorry Jozet. I'm siding with the nine year-olds on this one.

Anonymous said...

I think you forgot them on purpose. They always end up being a sticky mess no matter what, even if children aren't involved with the prep. --A

Fairly Odd Mother said...

If you will believe it, my husband once went out to buy s'mores and BROUGHT HOME THE WRONG INGREDIENTS!!! Who does that!?!? He should still be hanging upside down for that one.

Hope someone gets you that beer pronto.

Krista said...

Camping and no smores???! The ultimate crime. You're lucky they didn't tie you up and roast you on a spit over that campfire! :-)

Anonymous said...

while your hanging from the tree, would it be bad form to round up some people for a little pinata' practice. i didn't do so good at yesterdays cingo de mayo celebration. ken

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

hlp on wy. u frgt a grl scout iz alwys prprd!

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