Some things before I go:

  1. Don't try to break into my house while I'm gone. First of all, my husband will still be here, and he'll mess you up bad for trying to steal our...our....

    We have nothing here to steal.


  2. There will be guest bloggers! Be welcoming and comment liberally. I promised them comments. If you don't comment, then I will have to travel hither and yon to mow their lawns, and the ticket to Guam is going to be the one that really hurts. Some of the folks guest blogging will be Dr. Cason, your pediatrician Guam, my friend Kathy (she lives around the way from me and she makes an evil latte for a Catholic girl), Blog Antagonist, Mommytime, some guy, my sister and me and several beers on Friday night (she doesn't know this yet), and author Michelle Gagnon.

  3. I need one more guest blogger for next Sunday. It could be you! Quick! Quick! Tell me it's going to be you!

  4. Check out my nifty video suggestions in the sidebar. Really, you can't go wrong with Low Rider, and make sure your kids see this video, too. Cultural literacy is so often pushed to the wayside these days.

  5. Also, have you seen my linky love in the sidebar? I know that blogroll after blogroll can make a reader's eyes go blurry, so I thought that putting someone on a pedestal once in a while would be awfully fantastic of me. So, you know, make sure you're wearing clean underwear in case you're next.

  6. You can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes.

  7. I Image Googled my real name, and these are the three images that came up:
    What does it mean? Why am I not immediately being associated with crown heads of state and Bono and Las Vegas?

  8. I think that's it.

    Have a swell time while I'm away! Enjoy the guest bloggers and be extra swell to them. I know you will. Put on your company manners. And if no one ponies up to blog for me on Sunday, I'll just have to turn this car around and end my vacation early and come home and you just don't want to see me then. Mister.

    Because you know what? If I have to blog on Sunday, it's going to be poetry. That's right, poetry. And not just any poetry, but something in iambic pentameter and about love and I'll rhyme "moon" and "June" and there will be roses and the word "soul" in there, too, and I'm going to mean it. I'd just like you to think about that for a while. I don't think any of us wants to go there, right? know what you have to do.

Toodle-oo! Change the towels a few times! Feed the fish! Au revoir!


moo said...

Have a great trip!

Chris said...

Hope you have a great vacation!

Can we come in and party in your house while you're gone if we clean up the empties?

Amie Adams said...

So you're indigenous name is Red Shoe Tortoise Manhole? How weird. Mine too!

Have a great trip.

Anonymous said...


preTzel said...

Have a wonderful trip J. Check your e - mail. :)

Jon said...



Anonymous said...

have a good time.

I'd volunteer, but I'm much too far down the food chain.

Noelle said...

So your real name is Stiletto Tortoise Street? So weird, I knew someone in college with that name.

Enjoy your vacay!

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