Goen Guest Postin

Hey, Black Hockey Jesus?

I am in ur blog

thrillin ur d00ds.


preTzel said...

See my comment over there darlink. :)

Chris said...

Dude, that song was brilliant. Nicely done! You got skillz.

Jon said...

I thought your post would get a lot of BlogHer reaction but apparently they're over there talking to REAL PEOPLE. I'm so sick of people valuing the "real" over the virtual. I'm hotter in virtual.

Your song was hilarious. Jenna reminded me that your piano spill was an old Muppets gag (Fozzy?). The fact that Jenna had to tell me is proof that you're the Muppets Master.

I bow to you. You have it in virtual writing.

Now call your sister off.

PS You're a Mom of the Year.

josetteplank.com said...


It's ironic, isn't it?

If I wanted to talk to real people, I'd shave my legs and brush my teeth and get out of my house more often.


Tootsie Farklepants said...

Your post on BHJ ruled. Per usual.

preTzel said...

Ms. Halushki -

I just showed Mr. your video over at WIYV and he said "She's nuts." The he laughed his ass off and said "She looks like she just had sex, she looks relaxed."

Btw, there is a little something for you and your brilliance on my blog. When you get a chance, swing over and pick it up. :D

josetteplank.com said...

Pretzel -

No, it was definitely having the kids out of the house that made me so relaxed. :-)

preTzel said...

I was wondering how you managed to sing through that whole thing w/out one child wanting your attention. I was thinking a bit of duct tape, velcro, and Lego™ barricades. :D

cIII said...

This is my virtual lighter requesting an encore. Maybe you and BHJ w/ Jackson could start some sort of vaudvillian thingy. I'd buy a ticket.

Anonymous said...

Scooting my chair out, slowly rising, the applause is building, building and now thunderous.

My kids are staring, but it's all good.

I'm throwing a little high fist "Whoot, Whoo, Whoot!!" in for good measure.


Jess Riley said...

Oooh, I shall follow the trail of bread crumbs in that direction!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
And here is a BIG STANDING O (that's ovation, not orgasm) for that amazing song.
How could I have not found you before, as I also love the Muppets with all my heart.

Anonymous said...

that dude is totally looking down your shirt.

Variations On A Theme said...

What's the deal with Black Hockey Jesus? Do you guys know each other in real life? Is that a picture of you with Jeff Westbrook?

josetteplank.com said...

"Is that a picture of you with Jeff Westbrook?"


Oh yes. Totally. That was right after Jeff told Black Hockey Jesus that he'd take him to the prom. Then he took me out to see the animated "Hobbit" instead on prom night, and the rest is history.

Jeff's looking for the ring.

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