Dog Days of August

This month of August has been killer diller. I've taken on one too many projects, and they're all coming down to the wire before school starts. Plus, we're trying to squeeze in one more mini-vacation, and that squeezing is really starting to pinch in some tender places. Like my sleep cycle. And my farting around time.

Please bear with me as I Get Things Done In Real Time. I'll be back to my posty-commenty self upon the 8:30 AM click of the school bus door on August 27th.

In the meantime, to answer some questions from the previous comments:

From heinous

Don't kids make you feel all warm and mushy inside like that?

Yes, my children seem to go out of their way daily to make me feel all warm and mushy. And I try to reciprocate. For example: Upon first waking, my daughters give me snuggly hugs and then immediately proceed to express their urgent need to eat, as well as their wonderment that I can't make food magically appear two seconds after their request. I kiss them sweetly and then give prompt and explicit instructions on how they can get their own food, if they so choose, I'm not the mystical Short Order Cook Mom of myth and legend. A few minutes after our break fast, I suggest that if they can't keep their adorable pitter-patters to a dull roar, I'll toss them in the backyard and lock them out till lunch time. I'm very warm and mushy when telling them this, so, I suppose, they get it from me.

From apathy lounge

Was that a sigh of resignation? Or contentment?

I believe that the sigh was one of resigned contentment. Or maybe it was contented resignation?

On second thought, I'm sure it was one of the first of many "yet more proof that I was found in a basket among the reeds" moments for her.

My sister was like that. Even to this day, she shakes her head (lovingly) at my mother's witticisms and then insists that she was adopted. My sister, not my mother. This false claim is born of some increasingly adorable yet pathetic attempt on my sister's part to fool herself into believing that she'll be the only female member of the extended family to not develop some variation of My Grandmother's Laugh.

My Grandmother' Laugh sounded something not unlike a hyena playing a tuba.

All the women who share my grandmother's DNA have eventually evidenced this Although, I'm pretty sure that this family particularity would Hulk Smash any nature vs. nurture arguments in favor of nurture. Any adopted members of our family just aren't getting off scot free with a dulcet giggle.

Anyway, my sister also used to claim that her real name was Cordelia, so there you go.

My sister has a vivid inner life. And a lot of goats.

From T With Honey:

What kind of extra traffic have you seen from being featured on Blog Nosh?

Enough to make me very happy indeed. I'm thrilled when even one new reader finds me, but Blog Nosh has pointed quite a few new hits in my direction.

AND Blog Nosh is looking for submissions!

Finally, from my friend Kath.

Did you get Prima on video?

Wait...are you asking to see brag video of my kid? Oh I couldn't. No, really. But thanks for asking.

(Ignore my whooooooohooooo's. I blame my grandmother.)


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Damn! I could never do shoot the duck properly! And, those spins are amazing. That was great to see.

Funny, all you guys are waiting to breathe easier come September and my hands are starting to sweat just thinking about it.

Suburban Correspondent said...

I think homeschooling moms should get a special award for being able to blog with the kids around all the time. You other people are wimps - "Oh, waaah, it's summer, the kids are home, I can't post..." We laugh at your distress.

A hollow, sort of weird-sounding laugh that comes from being around the kids too much, that is...

Anonymous said...

The video is precious! I'm VERY impressed. What a little athlete!

unmitigated me said...

WTG, Prima! Wow. And I would LOVE to get a Blog Nosh post, but they said, "Well, your writing looks great, looks like you are building a terrific following for such a new blog, but..." Still too much of a newbie. Ah well. They said try again at the end of the year. said...

Pffft. From what I've observed, homeschooling just involves twice as much duct tape during blogging hours and add on an extra daily shot of Jim Beam for each kid you're home with come April. ;oP

And don't forget, I still have a toddler at home, and a toddler who refuses to watch television. C'mon, I get some props, don't I? Don't I?

Suburban Correspondent said...

Check the box by your e-mail address on your Blogger profile page to make your address available to the public. That way, people (like me!) can reply directly to your comments, rather than having to come over here and clog up your comments section with irrelevant info.

How do I find time to blog, you ask? I shamelessly neglect my kids. I'm doing it right now. It's bad.

Duct tape doesn't hurt, either. They refuse to drink the Jim Beam, even when I put it in sippy cups.

unmitigated me said...

Oh, Suburban Correspondent, you are missing something important. Bloggers NEED comments like heroin.

anne said...

I am SO the adopted child.

Cordilia Rockefeller

Way to go niece-ee-poo! We adopted children can accomplish great things!

Anissa Mayhew said...

I can't wait til the kids go back to school. I love them, but I think I'm ready to miss them a bit. To get that I'm-going-to-be-with-my-kids rush that I don't get during the lazy summer days.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Aren't you happy your daughter is good at the most expensive sport evah?! said...


Yes. We are thrilled. We can only hope that our other children take up horseback riding and skiing.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

You and Jenn cracked me up so much with your comments, I forgot what I was going to write.

Angela said...

I know how to get food magically appearing (i have daddy do it)

It works pretty well.


Kath said...

The Savage boyz have watched Prima's skating video a half dozen times now, and they are still expressing amazement. They showed it to their Grandma too - I heard them saying things like, "Watch this part - check out how she spins! Can you BELIEVE it????"

BTW, you can toss your little toddler in with my homeschoolers any time you want. They'll play with him for hours if it gets them out of doing schoolwork. Then at least one of us will get some writing done...

Debbie said...

i grandma-cackled (*my* grandma's distinctive, inherited brand, not yours) at the WHOOOOOOOHOO!s in the video. also, my heart may have been shattered by the tip of the blade of the adorablest skater to ever grace the ice. and i know from adorable skaters. i hail from tonya-harding-land.

will hang on tight until you return from summer blogging hiatus. somehow. i will manage. don't fear for me, at least not so very much. you come around just enough to keep me from keeling over altogether. no, i didn't just say i was sitting here in the altogether. i'm not a PERV, J. geeeeeez.

yes. i am.

no, i am not!

yes. am.




Erin said...

I have the same problem when it comes to food magically appearing! Although he's thrown me a new curveball lately because when I respond "it has to cook!" he now says "I'll just eat it coooooold, I want it NOW!!!!" (repeat ad nauseum)

Also, I tagged you for a meme! Don't feel obligated! But someone must be tagged! :)

ShallowGal said...

As we say in our skating family, she shot that duck dead.

A well deserved victory!

xoxo, SG

PS: My 7 year old thought about giving up skating and I was temporarily disappointed and then thought about ALL THE SHOES I could buy with that money.

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