I'm Not Here.

I'm here.

And here.

Don't bother bringing yogurt or humble pie.

We've got plenty.

By the way...

1966 was a very good year.


unmitigated me said...

I remember Kimba. I watched him everyday! Notice how leaping Kimba looks like the same shot as airborne Mach 5?

Kath said...

Happy Birthday! Happy first day of school!


Stop by with your baby today and I'll stick a candle in a banana muffin and homeschoolers will sing to you.

cIII said...

1996 rocked. I married Cutie McWifey that year. Although, that was the same year that the Pogues "disbanded". That made me very sad.
I'd like to think my nuptials had nothing to do with that.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, birthday wishes are in order, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a great one.

Talk about a blast from the past. I remember watching Kimba (and Johnny Quest) on Sundays on Adventure Time Theater...live from the Castle Shannon.

MarĂ­a said...

I found you over there. And now I'm here because that was an awesome guest post. And it's your birthday?

Happy Birthday!

anne said...

Ha-ha-ha-ppy Birthday...
Ha-ha-ha-ppy Birthday..


Thank you. Thankyouverymuch.

Andy - Instafather said...

hey happy birthday :)

Krista said...

Feliz Cumpleanos Senora Jozet! :-)

Ahhh, if only to be able to warp our current selves back into our 9 year old girl selves and really tell her to freakin' not worry about "it" (whatever "it" might be that's worrisome to a tender 9 year old), that would be the ultimate birthday present. I would love to tell "her" that really, don't fret about the fact that Mary from over a block got her period already and really...in due time you'll get yours and really...you DON'T REALLY want it even though you think you do and you look really smart in your glasses even though Shelly that sits behind you in homeroom and thinks you're a dork tells you that you look like a dork. And oh, my...it's really ALL gonna be OK! :-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And those birthdays are REALLY always preferable to the alternative! :)

Amy said...

Happy Birthday! (Mine is Saturday)

Why am I just now finding out about Walter the Farting Dog? How could I have NOT purchased the entire series, AND Farting Dog plush toy (that farts no less) for the nieces and nephews?

That's what I get for not being a Mom. Sheesh.

Unknown said...

I used to watch Kimba in reruns on the local public tv station as a kid. I LOVED IT!!! I think Disney should pay royalties to the Kimba people for rippin' off the story when they did The Lion King.

Rant over.

Off to click on your linkies.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, 1966, when parents were procreating to this tune.

Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh... I am late wishing you a happy birthday. Gah! I'm so sorry I missed it. I'm going to slunk back under a rock and flaggelate myself with a noodle.

Happy belated birthday!

Your slacker friend,

Peggy Sez.. said...

More belated Happy Birthday wishes from yet another slacker bloggy friend!

suburbanmeteorite said...

Happy birthday! Hope it was a good one.

Sent the kids off to school this week and couldn't quite believe how quickly time has gone by. Isn't life grand?

Anonymous said...

best wishes, even though they are late. blame amy for not giving me warning. we'll have to come for a visit, and movie, and if time permits, maybe even a nice meal. take care, and again, happy birthday. ken

yani_worldpeace said...

Happy Belated Birthday also, from me...have a nice day

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