Hello. I'm 42 Years Old. Pass The Geritol.

Way Cool Daughter: Whoa. Who is this singing?

Way Hip Mother: This? It's Amy Winehouse.

Way Cool Daughter: Pfft.

Way Hip Mom: What?

Way Cool Daughter: Someone should buy her some singing lessons.

Way Hip Mom: Uh, actually, she's generally considered to be a very good singer. One of the best of her generation...some say.

Way Cool Daughter: Well, she's singing all over the place. She's all warbley.

Way Thought-She-Was Hip Mom:

Way Cool Daughter: You can still like her. I'm just saying she's not very good.

Remember! There's still time for you to be a fan of a has-been too! If your blog reader has had the good sense to drop me from your line-up, you can be way un-hip and add me back on! Presto!

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Edit To Add: I suppose that one of the bad things about not having comments open is that now instead of a gentle reader discreetly alerting me to my spelling errors, it's my husband prancing gleefully into the room to disingenuously wonder whether I had meant to spell "cool" as "cook". Erem.
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