Mobius Parenting

Child: I have something to ask you...

Mother: Okay.

Child: ...but you're going to get angry and freak out.

Mother: Hmmm. Well, why don't you ask me, and I'll promise not to freak out.

Child: Okay.

Mother: Take a deep breath.

Child: *sigh*

Mother: Now go ahead.

When I'm a teenager, will you be more angry with me if I dye my hair pink...

Mother: Hmmm.

Child: ...or black?

Mother: Hmmmmmm.

Child: See! You're angry! And freaking out!

Mother: Honestly, I really wouldn't be angry at all if you did either.

Child: Oh.

Mother: What?

Child: Nothing.

Mother: Do you want me to be angry? I supposed to get angry? If I get angry about your hair, will it keep you from rebelling and doing something really crazy?

Child: No.


Child: Well...I guess I'll dye it pink then.

Mother: Okay...but I might get angry and freak out.

locust lake

I promise I will not fret over
your beautiful blond and chestnut locks.
At least not out loud.


Maria Melee said...


Sometimes I want a daughter so bad it makes my chest hurt.

BUT my boys are awfully fun. And they can have pink hair too. I guess.

ChurchPunkMom said...

My girls have already had pink hair.. LOL

My 7yo son is already talking about what kind of tattoos he wants to get and what he will get pierced when he's older.


Kevin McKeever said...

Could be worse. She could ask what color boyfriend would freak you out more. In that case, I would definitely draw the line at teal.

Corina said...

Isn't it funny that they want you to get mad sometimes. Cracks me up when it backfires.

Love this. And your daughters.... beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Did you forget to tell her you once had hot pink hair in college!

karengreeners said...

Hmmm - must be careful not to show all my cards too early; if they only knew what I would not freak out about ;)

Mom101 said...

Suddenly I see my experimental hair days (and blue rat tail - sorry, was the 80s) in a whole new way.

Do your kids know what a cool mom they have the way?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I love it when they want to dye their hair unnatural colors while we're spending money to dye our hair the color that their hair is naturally.

anne said...

Relax. She'll change her mind on this so much that, by the time she's ready to actually dye her hair, she will have most likely settled on green. Which is much better than pink or black.

Unknown said...

This cracks me up. A lot. Emily doesn't come to me with questions like these. Which relieves me when I think maybe she's not pondering such things, but then terrifies me when I realize that of course she is, but she's just not telling me about it.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

My 6 & 8yo are sporting henna and are liking it a bit too much---I fear they will be tattooing themselves someday.

Hair, though? Hell, yeah, they can do any color, cut, perm they want. I figure that hair grows, plus, you can take photos of crazy styles and bribe them with them later.

And, btw, your girls are so gorgeous! Love those glasses.

apathy lounge said...

I think they're testing you. I know mine do the same. I think the "parental freak out" is considered crossing the line and is something to be avoided. They look for signs of it constantly and with the critical eye of an anthropologist.It makes me tired.

unmitigated me said...

Mother: Do you want me to be angry? I supposed to get angry? If I get angry about your hair, will it keep you from rebelling and doing something really crazy?

Child: No.

Mom? She's lying. Pink highlights? But make her pay to have it done professionally. Maybe she'll get tired of it while waiting to save the cash.

Mrs. G. said...

That is one gorgeous picture! Hair is not a battle worth fighting.

My daughter just got a nose stud, and I could tell she was testing to see if I was going to try and stop her. I didn't.

But man did I make a case to avoid tattoos. I think I had an impact.

SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

i am so worried about that! my child is strong-willed. i won't get a break.

Meg McCormick said...

I would have killed for hair like that when I was their age. Heck, I'd kill for hair like that now! But on the scale of rebellious things, I agree, pink or black dye is pretty low.

kis4s said...

My girls want to dye their hair too - they were stuck on bright red for a while. They're 8 & 12.
Funny how I work so hard to bring my mousy brown to their beautiful chocolate brown. . . Hair and clothes are battles I've sworn not to engage in (it's tough some days though!).

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