More Importantly, How Does This Affect Jozet?

Where Jozet was when she heard Elvis had died:

At home in Frackville, watching the big tube console television.

What it meant to her:

I had me some very sad relatives, including two boy cousins who were completely devastated. Elvis was Teh Coolest, even Fat Drugged-Out Elvis. I’m pretty sure that one cousin had every single Elvis album, even the gospel and budget releases. I especially loved this cover for some reason. Very “Two highways diverged beneath my hunk o‘ burnin‘ love, and you know you took them both, Honey.”

Did she cry?

No, I did not.

Then what?

Probably had some ice cream with pretzel sticks. It was the day before my mom’s birthday, and there was ice cream to be had.


Where Jozet was when she heard John Lennon had died:

Getting ready for high school, Freshman year.

What it meant to her:

My world came crashing down. All of it. Entirely. My best friend and I had just made plans to travel to New York City to stand outside the Dakota Apartments and…I don’t know…wait until he invited us in to have tea with him, Yoko, and Sean. Instead, I stood on the northwest corner of 72nd Street, and for the very first time in my conscious life, I truly wondered whatever the hell was wrong with some people.

Did she cry?

For days. Years.

Then what?

I went to school that day. I seem to remember even the teachers were somber, maybe sad. Even the nuns. Even the bitchy nuns. For days, we all wore black arm bands. For the rest of our lives, some of us continued to wonder what the hell was wrong with some people. Giving peace a chance aside, that's all I am saying.


Where Jozet was when she heard Kurt Cobain had died:

Driving down Columbus Boulevard/Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia.

What it meant to her:

Hearing a lot of Nirvana on the radio, for once.

Did she cry?


Then what?

I called my husband (then boyfriend) and reminded him about the time I wanted to go see an up-and-coming band from Seattle called "Nirvana" play a gig at a small club on South Street. And then I reminded him of how he scoffed at me and told me they’d never amount to anything. And then I reminded him of how he talked me into not going to the small club to see that nothing band, Nirvana, play live.

I reminded him of that.


Where Jozet was when she heard Jerry Garcia had died:

In the supply closet at SmithKline Beechan Phamaceuticals, arranging paper products, listening to WMMR.

What it meant to her:

Ah hell. Thirteen Dead shows with Jerry was just not enough.

Riding to distant outdoor venues with carloads of friends. Tail-gaiting and partying in the parking lots. Buying cool handmade tie dyes and...stuff. Hours of dancing. Dressing like Jesters. There would be no more mystical wanderings through crowds of music heavy with technicolor patchouli, no more hundred-thousand impromptu friends, and no more living postcards from a decade most people thought had gone the way of the IRL (In Real Life) protest march.

And no, Phish concerts are not the same thing.

Did she cry?

No. I may have gotten drunk, though.

Then what?

Around that time, I went on to live a life more grown-up. And ordinary. However, just thinking about it all, I’m right now feeling the urge to…er…tie dye some pillowcases. Ehem.


Where Jozet was when she heard Princess Diana had died:

Late at night, at home, after clubbing. I was watching the television in the spare bedroom.

What it meant to her:

Felt very, very bad for Diana's children.

Also reckoned that I had never heard the name "Dodi" before.

Did Jozet cry?

No. Not even during Elton John singing "Goodbye English Rose".

Then what?

I got my hair cut like Princess Diana's, but it was unintentional, I swear. Of course, everyone thought I had it cut because I must be such a big Princess Di admirer. And then a few people said I actually did look like Princess Di, which was entirely inaccurate: Princess Di was about five feet taller than I am, and I can’t wear sleeveless dresses. All in all, it was a very difficult time for me.


Where Jozet was when she heard Michael Jackson had died:

At work at the bookstore.

What it meant to her:

Having Can’t Stop Till You Get Enough running through my head for the rest of the evening. Also, seeing several employees break out in their best moonwalk.

Did she cry?

I got a little teary-eyed the next day hearing Man In The Mirror on the radio.

Then what?

A fairly involved discussion with my perceptive daughters over just how/why some people can/would change their appearance so drastically. Then a thoughtful gleaning from my eldest daughter as to what it must have been like to live in the 1980s:

“Whenever you talk about the 80s, Mom, I always imagine everyone wearing a lot of neon green.”

Just the one glove, Darling.

Just the one glove.


People want to know my deep thoughts and stuff.


Unknown said...

That was jaw-droppingly good.
I hate reading your stuff. It makes me feel when I don't want to.
How can you be so rooted and substantial while being flippant and daffy at the same time?
Your pix are essential and defining.
I'm going to have some wine now.

IzzyMom said...

You're so pretty!

(And I had just gotten home from clubbing when I heard about Princess Di, too)

SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

I enjoy your posts all the time.

Karen Jensen said...

I was visiting San Francisco when Jerry Garcia died. I was just outside Balboa park, and I saw the headlines at a newstand. I high-tailed it to the Haight_Ashbury district. Me and every hippie within a 500 mile radius. The streets were packed with people. And three of the four corners at the famous intersection contained make-shift shrines (the fourth corner had a Gap).

Avitable said...

But where were you when Paul Newman died?

Mr Farty said...

I cried a bit when Di died. MJ? Not so much. Still a helluva singer.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Isn't it interesting that we remember exactly where we were and what we were doing during these times?

One thing is for sure, Jozet is beautiful.

I can't find my blog said...

Where are the perfect post awards when you need them? You are pretty, btw!

I was packing to move to CA to be married when Di was killed. I was shocked.

Elvis? I was with my dad (mom and dad were separated then) and remember needing to get to my mom because she was alone. Backstory=my parents were from Memphis and had a history with the big E.

MJ-I'm just sad that he was never happy. What a wasted life and talent.

MommyTime said...

You are so pretty! I remember the Princess Diana one most vividly (well, except for the fact that MJ was just two days ago, so it's not that easy to forget). This post is a great wander down memory lane, though. Thanks.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I adored Elvis as a girl too, and I remember his death though it shouldn't have been relevant, right?

One thing is certain: you are stinking cute year after year.

(I thought it was funny that my 11 year old recognized immediately that this would be a Big Moment, and ran to write about it in her journal.)

karengreeners said...

You are so pretty!

I cried most about Jerry. 53 shows with him (give or take) were just not enough.

Saw The Dead in Buffalo in April. It was not the same, but it was still good.

- said...

The Lennon, the crying, the wondering, the black armbands, the... OK, we didn't have nuns, somber or otherwise, in my school.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

You have a great memory. I think Kurt Cobain bothered me the most of all of these, but it could've been b/c of my age/stage in life.

Julie @ The Mom Slant said...

Ack, Kurt Cobain. That was one of the worst weekends of my life. Completely unrelated to his death though.

Love the retrospective and photos - shows the evolution of Jozet.

AprylsAntics said...

I was in our (sunken) living room playiing dress-up/concert with my friend when I heard about Elvis.

I was in 8th grade when John Lennon died. My best friend told me and we were sad for a while. I still have the newspaper section from our local paper, The Tampa Tribune.

I think I was still out clubbing when I heard about Di.

Such a beautiful retrospective.

Amy said...

That first picture - I had that coat too! And the glasses! My aunt believes Elvis is alive. There is Elvis stuff all over her kitchen. She knows he's out there.

Princess Di- I was on the couch late at night watching TV when they said there'd been an accident. Of course I was absolutely shocked when they reported she was dead. (No tears though.) Right then my husband walked in and I told him Princess Diana is dead and he asked right off if she'd been murdered. I still think that's odd.

Love the last pic.

Moobs said...

I have been laughing so hard, my eyes hurt. I'm not sure that is even possible.

hobo handbag said...

You're damn gorgeous.

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Julie Pippert said...

Oh. You. Simply awesome.

alison said...

I was staying in a cottage on Lake Superior with my family and my grandparents who were visiting from the UK when we heard on the radio that Elvis had died.

My then husband and I were staying wtih friends for the Labour Day weekend when the hostess came out of her bedroom to tell us that she had just heard on the radio that Princess Di had died.

I was skimming bird poop out of the pool when the DJ on the radio said that he had received a report of Michael Jackson's death.

Damn radio, nothing but bad news.

zipbagofbones said...

Wow, amazing tribute to a lot of really awesome people here. Touching!

nesh said...

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apathy lounge said...

I was working in the balloon shed at Six Flags Over Texas and poised to leave for my first year of college when Elvis died. I was coming out of the dorm sauna when I heard that John Lennon died. Channel surfing on the sofa when Princess Diana died. Climbing up the hill to my youngest son's Boy Scout campsite when a bunch of his peers announced that Michael Jackson died. I didn't believe them. This was a really good post.

ShallowGal said...

I had that exact same coat when I was 6.

Angela said...

It is funny how some moments just stick out in our memory

Amanda said...

It was 1994 when I found out Elvis was dead. I had grown up listening to his music and my father had ordered me a bunch of live videos from his different performances. I had a crush on him and giggled this to a friend who then informed me that he had died before we were even born. I was pretty sad about that.

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