Wordless Wednesday

For my new friend, It's Not Like A Cat.

Who may be having a daughter.

My two girl revolution.

We'll be glad to have you along.



Kath said...

Wow. You AND your girls so totally rock. Have I said that lately?

Kristabella said...

Your daughters are so beautiful!

(Well, and you too, of course!)

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Your girls are so beautiful and look like so much fun! Looks like you've rubbed off on them.

notlikeacat said...

Thanks. That brought tears to my eyes. Your daughters look like amazing people (and your oldest looks just like you!!).

I'm already feeling better about possibly having a girl.


Jill - Boston said...

Beautiful pics!

Julie @ The Mom Slant said...

As a fellow mom of two big girls and a baby boy, I especially loved this post. Helping our girls learn to kick ass - it's incredibly rewarding.

essay helper said...

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