10 Important Life Lessons I Need To Teach My Kids

1. How to make Mama's coffee in the morning.

2. How not to felt wool sweaters.

3. "Lights on when no one is in the room" in the long run equals "we're still not going to Disney World".

4. Running on vinyl flooring in stocking feet equals three to six stitches, at least.

5. Cabbage is your friend.

6. Don't touch the hockey ice with your bare hands. That stuff is nasty.

7. Nice threat, but ultimately, I don't care if you write a tell-all book about me since I'm already writing it myself.

8. Be goofy and outrageous at times. It's fun, most people aren't watching anyway, and the ones who do and criticize are mostly just envious. Or constipated.

9. Butter is worth the fat.

10. There's something about a bound paper book, handwritten notes, and card games.

3 Lessons I've Got Covered

1. Washboard scrubbing is also an important form of social media.

2. Hobo-ing

3. Be adorable, mostly.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Yup, they've got the adorable thing down pretty well. Great lessons!

mother-in-law said...

As a close observer, I think you are a fantastic mother. And they are adorable.

Karen Jensen said...

How cute are they?

Angela said...

I need to teach the coffee thing. Good list

6512 and growing said...

You are funnneeee! My kids know how to *drink* my coffee, no wait, that definitely doesn't count!

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