McWordless O'Wednesday

The red hair actually comes from the Italians in our family.

And in my family, it's the Lithuanians who are the best bagpipe players.

And my Polish ancestors are responsible for my wit and visionary creativity.

And my Pennsylvania Dutch relatives gave me both the sin of loving warm bacon dressing as well as the discipline to not pour an entire bottle on a head of iceberg lettuce and eat it for lunch every day.

However, we all of us step dance pretty well with a whiskey in our hand and seem to equally enjoy cabbage and potatoes.

And Guinness.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Irish-Polish-Lithuanian-Italian-Pa Dutch folks at Chateau Halushki!

Where ethnic stereotypes are both born and destroyed, daily!


OHmommy said...

We are Polish too and my husband is Lithuanian. Wish we had some of that Italian red hair in our family. Stunning!

Happy St Patty's day.

Rima said...

He is adorable. Are you sure the red hair isn't from the Lithuanian side, though? They had a lot of Vikings coming from across the Baltic, back in the day :)

Magpie said...

I think Rima nailed it - he looks like a Viking. A very cute little Viking. said...

You know, it may be some Lithuanian Viking in him. There are some blondes in our family. And supposedly both mom and dad have to have the red hair gene to pass it on.

He sure is the sweetest little Italian Leprechaun Viking I know. :-)

Ice Mom said...

Oh, he's cute. Those blue eyes, too. He's going to be a multi-ethnic lady killer some day! :)

karengreeners said...

That is quite the face. Delicious. My husband's sister is a true Irish/Welsh redhead, and I hoped upon hope that one of our kids might get that gene, but it was not to be. Of course, I do have a blonde, and she freaks me out enough.

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