Wordless Wednesday: We're Arty!

Mommy and Terzo with Conveyor Belt, Sun, and Red Clouds
by Terzo, 3 years old

Edit to add -  Terzo upon seeing his artwork on the blog: 
"I'm going to make another picture so it can be on the Internet, too!"

Seconda at Moore College of Art and Design standing inside Regina Silveira's Mundus Admirabilis and Other Plagues installation. Currently part of Philadelphia's city-wide art event, Philagrafika .

Frida Kahlo and Prima and  Emiliano Zapata at MoMA, NYC


BPSmith said...

I was here.

What are on the childs feet? Is this some sort of Machiavellian torture?

josetteplank.com said...

LOL! Yes, that's why she's screaming.

No, they are paper booties. Since the artwork was also on the floor, the booties protected it from dirt and scuff marks.

Mom101 said...

Red clouds were always my favorite.

josetteplank.com said...

Every since eldest child started skating pre-dawn, we've all had the pleasure of seeing the sun rise over the beautiful river on the way to the rink.

Suddenly, all my children's drawings have clouds that are pink, red, purple and blue. Kinda neat.

Although, that picture looks like he just got a red marker and wasn't letting go.

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