One Of Those Conversations We Seem To Keep Having

Daughter: Why do some people who do different things than I like, try to always put down the things that I want to do?

Mother: What do you mean?

Daughter: You if I like sewing but they don't, they say it's weird. Or I like reading a lot but they like something else but they keep saying how what they like is better?

Mother: I don't know, Honey. Well...I don't know exactly. I can make some guesses. But what do you think?

Daughter: I don't know.

Mother: It's not an easy thing to figure out.

Daughter: It hurts my feelings when they do that.

Mother: It can. It might make you angry sometimes, too.

Daughter: Yeah.

Mother: Do you think there is ever any reason to feel bad for people like that? People who try to make themselves feel good by putting down what you like? Or even what you think?

Daughter. I don't know.

Mother: Well...think about it from time to time. See what you come up with. There are a lot of answers to the question.

Daughter: Okay.


Daughter: Some people just say things over and over and they sound like a robot. They sound like they aren't even thinking about what they are saying anymore.


Daughter: Like someone told them to say it. Like they can't even hear the stuff I'm trying to tell them.


Daughter: Like they are afraid.


Daughter: What?

Mother: I think you just earned some kind of  badge...or something. Human understanding badge? Psychology badge? Enlightenment?

Daughter: You're weird.

Mother: It's true. I am.


MommyTime said...

The insights of the young are astounding sometimes. (And it surely helps when their parents talk to them like intelligent beings and teach them to think for themselves.) said...

I think she thinks I have all the answers. I don't. Which is why I pretend to be Socratic and keep asking questions. ;-)

But yes...I think they get things intuitively pretty early on. It's when we start giving away our version of all the answers too soon that we sometimes jam them up.

Kevin McKeever said...

When they call you weird, then you are truly successful -- as a parent or a kid. You are yourself.

Susan Tiner said...

I love the way you gently guided your daughter to think about this without putting thoughts in her head.

foolery said...

If only I could remember to be that smart. No, scratch that. If only I could start all over again and actually BE that smart. Great post, Jozet.

Also, came here to tell you I saw your #HomeHer10 video and now we have to be roommates at #HomeHer11. Pinky swear?

Betty said...

Mommy and daughter talks are one of the most memorable experiences any woman would ever have...and I agree that young people think differently right now, they seem more mature and astounding :)

Anna Antonia Giedwoyn said...

Sounds like a nice moment.
You'd make a fine psychologist, Socra-mom (not to be confused with soccer mom)!

dein said...

i am confuse.....

laura keen said...

I completely get this conversation, but don't navigate it nearly with as much wit and tact. This blog is so brain cells are breathing again....brilliant!

Vinod said...

Kids! we need to accept that they are sometimes the mirror into what we really are

Mother Theresa said...

My kids think I'm weird sometimes too. Here's to weirdness! ;)

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