Odds, Ends, Scherenschnitte

Why hello there!

Has it really been less than 24 hours since I've posted?

Good lord...how can that possibly be? I've lived lifetimes in a day. Remind me to tell you about the turkeys.


I need to clear out and defrag my head so that I can best access other parts of my brain for the rest of the week. If only I could permanently download all the Beatles lyrics my mind has been storing since 7th grade, I'm sure I could use that freed-up brainpower to cure diseases and write librettos, but alas, I can't convince Microsoft to install a USB port into my skull.

I even have the color picked out.


So, to recap and defrag....

My good friend Jenn at Juggling Life made a great suggestion on my 10 Things I Have Too Much (Many) Of post 
You will feel so much lighter once you purge--I took pictures of the kids' artwork and kept a pretty tight lid on "favor-type stuff."
I need to incorporate this "take a picture, it will last longer, and the real thing won't lay on your kitchen counter or under your bed or in a box for years, and years, and years" method of un-cluttering.

I love my children. Their artwork is sublime - even the noodle necklaces and shaving cream paintings.

But, yeah, I bet even MoMA has a CD-ROM labeled "OMG MORE YOKO ONO SUBMISSIONS".

Kyddryn from Shade and Sweetwater commented
Why do I have sixteen champagne flutes? We don't even drink champagne, haven't had any in this house for almost ten years! Ack!!
Kyddryn, you have sixteen champagne flutes for the same reason I have sixteen highball glasses. And that reason is "How the hell do I know how I ended up with sixteen highball glasses?"

But I do have a thought.

Maybe each neighborhood (or apartment building or dorm or sparsely-populate-county, etc.) or could get together and decide which family is going to store the sixteen champagne glasses, which will keep the fondue set, which will take care of the trumpet (so that when that one child inevitably announces "I think I want to learn trumpet!" you don't end up paying off a lease after the kid quits the third lesson), and which family will purchase a tuxedo and keep it clean and pressed and ready to go. (Sorry, guys, but you're all going to have to decide on a weight and then either lose or gain as need be. Google "Sonny Bono" to learn about shoe lifts.)

Then, we you need sixteen champagne glasses or a tux, you just contact that person, and they swap you the item you need for whatever it is they need at the time - I don't know...say, your framed faux Harvard Law degree that you use to impress the girls.

On the post Relax, bella, It's Just Coffee, a comment from unmitigated me reads

Oh, Jozet, I have missed you so. I'll take the sweetest, lightest-color item on the menu, whatever that is.
To which I say, "Why thank you! Thank you for allowing me to get distracted by the rest of my life and step away from the blogosphere from time to time, and thank you again for being a  loyal reader of my blog and being there when I decide to fire up my computer again. It does mean a lot to me that I'm not just writing to hear myself think (although, I'd do that anyway) and I appreciate every, single comment from every single commenter. Even Neil.
So basically you are telling us that the person making me my expresso could really be some geeky bookworm from the Philosophy section who doesn't know anything about coffee?
Sort of like Woody Allen getting a date: Doesn't seem like it should work, but somehow it does.

unmitigated me then commented

Coffee sizes were named by men, right? Where even the smallest is called Tall. 

Which I'm not gonna touch with a venti-sized pole. 


This past weekend has been a whirlwind of Halushki Family activity, and I'm gonna tell you about a bit of it, give you a glimpse, just so as you can appreciated exactly how challenging it is for me sometimes to find a place and a space to write.

Here goes.


Drive kids to skating. 5,234 loads of  laundry in preparation for the weekend. Drive kids to skating again. Believe me, that was enough.


Drive kids to skating. Get soccer equipment ready for middle child. Arrange for middle child to get where she needs to be for Girl Scout Zoo Trip after soccer. Purchase and prepare ingredients for eldest child to make brownies. Work six hours. Guy Fawkes day bonfire party with brownies, kids, woods, hills, a zip line, fireworks, and three long walks through the cold, dark woods with a four-year-old child and a flashlight.

I'm impressed with the way the English celebrate traitors. I can't imagine how fabulous the celebration is for people they actually like.


Drive eldest child to violin lesson. Pack for camping. Drive to Lancaster for camping overnight with Girl Scouts and middle child. Drink a lot of tea. Hang out with other scouting moms while our daughters played spa with much nail painting and foot bathing and herbal aromatherapy. Attend a "play" put on by girls which was more so a cross between a Monty Python sketch and a side show act at a Lady Gaga concert. Very. Creative. Group. I just don't think there is a badge for that particular style of theater.


 No school. Spend day at Hans Herr House with scouts where we learn about eighteenth century Mennonites, dress as eighteenth century Mennonites, and then take part in making Scherenschnitte and Fraktur.

Scouts at Hans Herr House

And you thought I just slept on the sofa until it was time to wake up and write!

Well...actually, after I came home today from Scherenschnitte, I did just sleep on the sofa until it was time to wake up and write.

 So, okay, you were right this time.

Scherenschnitte = Scissor Cutting Paper Art

OH! The turkeys!

This morning at camp while going out to my car, I saw two huge turkeys turkeying their way down the middle of the dirt road. I didn't have my camera. Or a shot gun. Or anything much else to say about it all except that the turkeys seemed unperturbed by me, and I was likewise unperturbed by them.

No, it wasn't running with the bulls or living with the wolves, but you know...we can each of us only rise to our own level.


Tom Briel said...

I love it Josette. You paint a vivid picture with your words. Keep on keeping on!

TEFL Ninja said...

"I'm impressed with the way the English celebrate traitors. I can't imagine how fabulous the celebration is for people they actually like."

Oh we roast them on a spit (=

(Waves sparkler at Guy F in vaguely threatening manner, with rueful sigh at how much money he could have saved us in the expenses scandal if he had succeeded.)

josetteplank.com said...

Sarah, lol!

Kyddryn said...

Hmm...maybe we should have neighborhood storage sheds where everything's cataloged and can be signed out - like a library but with things besides books because I don't. Loan. Books. I buy extra copies and give them to people, but no loans.

Also, dibs on the fondue set - unlike champagne flutes, a fondue set I would use.

Meanwhile, after reading your post, I need a nap. I'm exhausted!

Shade and Sweetwater,

Anonymous said...

You seem to have caught on to the scherenschnitte (sp? am i missing any consonent blends??) very quickly. suitable for framing. or is that a stock photo?

josetteplank.com said...

That particular Scherenschnitte is very lovely, but alas, not my Scherenschnitte. That is the Scherenschnitte that was on display at the Hans Herr House.

The photo - all of the photos in this post - are mine. Hans Herr House was a fun place to play with my camera.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That neighborhood supply co-op is sheer genius--you should patent that today before someone else makes money off of it.

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