Random Photos Of Me That I Found On My Computer

Wedding Day with Yuengling Porter and New Husband

Hero in Much Ado About Nothing In Which I Got To Pretend To Die In Iambic Pentameter

My Difficult Exene Cervenka Stage, Boston, Late 80s

Sophomore Year in High School, Pre-Glee

The 90s, Blond Ambition Tour

Stunt Double for Hermie The Elf

Graduating, Boston University, Majoring in Cheese

Claflin Hall, Boston University, seconds before I got kicked out for setting off a fire alarm. True story.

Silk City, Philadelphia, PA Latex Dress/Brooke Shields Eyebrow Contest
Community Theater, Really Trying Hard   
Sissy Spacek and Dorothy Hamill and a Plastic Plant


Unknown said...

I am new here, (Via Babble) and your Community Theater pic? Looks a bit Princess Di/Fergie-ish. (Royal Fergie, not Fergilicious Fergie) Maybe it's the hat....

I can't find my blog said...

Those glasses are epic! I spent a bunch of time at BU from 91-92. Were you there then?

josetteplank.com said...

No, I had just left BU in 89.

And yes, my personal history of eye wear is to be envied. ;-)

When my hair was short and blond, I got a lot of Lady Di comments. Normally, I get Meryl Streep. Sometimes, Johnny Depp.

Just kidding. I only wish I looked like Johnny Depp.

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