The Sex Non-Talk With Saffron Monsoon

Trapped in car with mom, listening to NPR's Whad'Ya Know. Michael Feldman interviewing Amy Sedaris about her new book Simple Times: Crafts For Poor People.

Michael Feldman: What about the widely held misconception that crafting is what people who can't have sex do?

Amy Sedaris: Well ugly people craft. Attractive people are too busy having sex. It's just a known fact. I mean, that's the truth.

Michael Fledman: Yeah, okay.

Amy Sedaris: I mean, that's why so many ugly people are STD free. (Audience laughter) You know, they're running around all healthy.

Michael Feldman: There's a chapter on Sex and Crafting.

Amy Sedaris: Yes, the Making Love crafts. How to lure someone into your bedroom...

Michael Feldmans: So that's what it is. It's Making Love as a craft.

Amy Sedaris: Yeah, yeah...well no. There are some ideas on how to beautify the pleasure patch. (Audience laughter, Mother stifling a giggle.) You know, how to cut and trim.

Michael Feldman: Okay, we'll skip over that. (Audience laughter, Mother snorting.)


Mother, looking anxiously in rear view mirror: Do you you...errrr...get why the audience is... laughing? 

Preteen, glaring from back seat: Yeah. I got it, Mom. 

Mother: You do?! You understood.... 

Preteen: Mom. I understand everything they are talking about. 

Mother: Everyth....? 

Preteen: EVERYthing. 

Mother: !!! 


Mother: Okay then. 


Mother: Everythi...? 

Preteen: Yes, Mom. EVERYthing. 

Mother: Did you get the jokes? 

Preteen: I got them. 


Preteen: They were inappropriate. 

Mother: Hmmm.. Well...on the other hand, maybe a person just has to have  a certain sense of humor and be a little out-of-the-box to think those jokes are funny. Or maybe just an ironic, possibly absurdist... 

Preteen: Maybe a person just has to be weird. 



Mother: Well...that too.

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It's never too early to be introduced to the Sedaris sense of humor!

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