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NaBloPoMo Says...

Link to three posts that you've loved this month written by other people, and tell us why.

Okee-dokee. In no particular order, I love them all:

Number One

Contributing to the Discussion  
by Backpacking Dad

Maybe you had to be deep-diving for eleven years in Teh Internet's extended 15 Minutes of Really Important Rants to enjoy this post.

Or maybe you just needed to be in one too many conversations that turned debate that turned battle-of-emotional-anecdotes and wishy-washy research that Snopes could snuff out with a single keystroke.

But if you're the type who when presented with rationales such as "Well now, I used to drive the wrong way down one-way streets, drunk, no seat belt, with a wild raccoon on my lap - and I turned out okay" you immediately think, "Well yeah, but didja ever think that the other 99% of people who did the same thing are DEAD from DECAPITATION or ALCOHOL POISONING or RABIES and so they AREN'T AROUND to glibly present And I Turned Out Okay as pseudo-data to the contrary of controlled scientific research or even half-witted common sense....

Or, likewise, if you're the type who can roll your eyes out of your head and down the street and into a bar for a highball every time the next new Fad Hysteria Of The OMG Week (insert media/product placement/snake oil ad here) takes mysterious hold over other normally sane people like a bad of pair stirrup jeggings....

If you're any of these types of person - and I'm all these type of person - you'll love this post.

I did.

It's ridiculous in all the right ways.

Number Two

What Parents Can Learn From Figure Skating Coaches by

In my recent semi-hiatus from Teh Internets, the one place I did regularly and frequently try to show up for a cuppa blog was Ice Mom's site.

Why? Why, I'll tell you why.

First of all, she's wicked smart. She was a high school teacher in a past life, and currently (<--I put that adverb there for you and Stephen King, Ice Mom) her Real Job is doing something very brainy and wordsmithy which includes educational writing and using the word "cognitive scientist" like she knows exactly what she's talking about. And she does.

Most importantly - most importantly - she has a teenage daughter who is several years older than my eldest daughter, and who is also a competitive figure skater.

Listen, there are a lot of parenting blogs out there.

And there are a lot of brilliant and wicked smart mom bloggers who have kids kinda-sorta my kids ages and maybe a bit younger - parent bloggers who have all sorts of fantastic advice and how-to know how and BTDT stories that let me know I'm not alone in wondering how I could possibly feel like I have a firm grip on this parenting gig one day, and yet wake up the next morning thinking "This is the day the kids lock me under the sink with a water bottle and some crackers and take over."

I can't tell you how important my Mommy Blog Tribe has been in getting me from newborn to preschooler to middle schooler with my sanity (mostly) intact.

However, what Ice Mom offers me in addition to all that is a sort of full-color road map with scholarly footnotes, a crash course in sports psychology, and much firm hand-holding as I venture into the unknown with an almost-teen woman-child student athlete who is mostly an average kid...except for the part where she trains like a Thoroughbred racehorse.

If you think "Preteen girl, oh my lord, wake me when the hormones have died down"...well...just take the normal angst and hyperbole of being teen-year-old, and then add on a weekly 16+ hours of skating-ballet-yoga-conditioning practice, jumping and falling on the ice every day in front of peers, the stress of competition, the agony of defeat, the headiness of winning, and lots and lots and lots of short form-fitting dresses during the onset of puberty...

and you'll understand why Ice Mom is constantly, forever and ever amen on my "I love this post" list.

Number Three

Midnight Train To My Blogging Roots at Citizen of the Month. 

It's just a blog post about a tuna salad sandwich.

On rye.

It's just writing.

Good writing.

Hold the extra mayo.


Neil said...

Ooh what a special treat to see my own blog post mentioned by you. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This post is on 5 Star Friday.

Ben said...

Back packing, ice skating mom, a sandwich. My daughter says, after being asked what these three things have in common, "Mom's can do all those things." Is this a self-serving post, Jozet?

Ice Mom said...

Thank you so much for Sharing the Love, Jozet! I always look forward to your comments chez

Not sure about the wicked smart part. Wicked, maybe. :)

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