Today: 24 Hours and 24 Words

12:00 AM Internetting
1:00 AM Twittering
2:00 AM Bed
3:00 AM Sleep
4:00 AM Dream
5:00 AM Alarm
6:00 AM Snooze
7:00 AM Slumber
8:00 AM Shuffle
9:00 AM Coffee
10:00 AM Snuggle
11:00 AM Preschool
12:00 PM Preteens
1:00 PM Backyard
2:00 PM Sauteeing
3:00 PM Skating
4:00 PM Re-Caffeinating
5:00 PM Shopping
6:00 PM Cleaning
7:00 PM Watching
8:00 PM Reading
9:00 PM Writing
10:00 PM Dozing
11:00 PM Reviving

Your turn!

And now for something completely different, Diana Vishneva dancing Carmen.


Ice Mom said...

That ballet dancer has long legs!

Josette at Halushki said...

I know! I'm pretty sure she's only 5'4". I saw her in the documentary about the Kirov ballerinas. I think the whole thing is on YOuTube, but I know you can get it from Netflix.

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