Great name for a black and white cat

A breakfast cereal made from bamboo, raisins, and brown sugar

The new non-abrasive cleaner for your "alternative smoking" paraphernalia

Nick name of the old guy at the end of the bar, the old guy with the blue wool jacket, the one sleeve tucked-in over an amputated arm. He comes in at three o'clock every day and orders a soda, a highball, and a slice of hot bologna. He keeps a notebook listing every Daily Number drawing since the lottery began. If you ask him, Hey Bongo, how'd you lose your arm? he'll tell you a different story each time.

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Asteroid named by three overtired grad students

The original name for The Great Gazoo on the Flintstones

The trail horse they give to the obnoxious customer who insists she is an expert horseman and so refuses to listen to the safety talk before the ride
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This season's red apple hybrid

Google's new e-reader

Title of Pete Best's third album

Breed of chicken found only in Wales

Germany's version of Yoo-Hoo

Cockney rhyming slang for "swag"

Kids harajuku magazine

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Venus said...

Excellent, especially the Welsh chicken breed. Although perhaps in that case it would have to be spelled Byngu? ;-)

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