5-year-old Child: I'm cold. You're warmer than me.

Mother: Well, that's because I'm wearing a shirt.

5-year-old Child: Well, little boys can not wear their shirts.

Mother: That's fine. But then little boys can be cold.

5yo Child: You should turn up the heat.

Mother: No. Heat costs money. You should put on a shirt.

5yo Child: You could just go to the bank and get more money.

Mother: No. I have to go to work and I get paid money. Then I put the money in the bank. The bank just doesn't give you money. You have to work for it. Mostly.

5yo Child: Well you should just work more and get more money.

Mother: Even if I work more, we still won't have enough money to pay for more heat. You should put a shirt on.

5yo Child: You can just turn up the heat.


 5yo Child:
Because I'm cold.

Mother: If I turn up the heat, I will have to spend more money on the heat....

5yo Child: Yes.

Mother: ...and I will have less money for birthday and Christmas presents.

5yo Child: Okay

Mother: Which means you will only get one Christmas present.

5yo Child:

Mother: The rest of your Christmas present will be the heat.

5yo Child: What if I put a shirt on?

Mother: More presents.

5yo Child: I think I'll put a shirt on. Even though boys don't have to wear shirts.

Mother: Good idea.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Ahhhh, you spoke in a language he understood. . .very smart.

MommyTime said...

This is pure awesomeness!

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