Wednesday afternoon
while you were not here

we saw a green field
and along the edge, trees
braced for colder days

we found a walkway
zig-zagging across the wetlands
we looked for frogs
but they were already asleep

we stopped near a clear pond
and dipped our fingers into the water
and laughed at how cold
the trees' feet must be

you asked if the geese knew
that we were nearby
I said yes they know
and we are welcome 

this patch of grass is so green
can we walk up that path?
not today, I said
that's a different adventure

this is a big leaf
and I would be sorry
if I should lose it
it would make such
a fine hat

these flowers look like red flames
what shall we call them?
just red flames
that is a good name for these flowers

these are leaves, not mud
mud is soft and wet and dirty
these leaves are crunchy
these leaves are okay for new sneakers to walk on

right mommy?

who put these stones here?
do you know?

i like this day
i like this day, too

you are a good mommy

this is a nice forest
it is easy to be good here

this is milkweed

feel how soft on your hand

see how the wind
says it's time to go?

will we come back to this place?

I think so, yes
another day
you and I.


Monica said...

Beautiful. There's something in my eye...

It's Not Like a Cat said...


S said...

Gasp. Gorgeous.

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