I like when my sock is the right thickness for my shoe.

That feels nice.

You know how when sometimes you put on a sock that is the wrong thickness for the shoe you want to wear? Or vice versa - a shoe that’s a bit too tight to wear with a comfy wool sock, but that fits fine with a thin trouser sock?

A thing like that - bad sock/shoe mates - can ruin my day.

Which is a real spoiled-bratty sounding thing to say.

It’s just a sock. It’s just a shoe.

Some people would be glad to have feet.

And I could ignore it if I had to - my mismatched socks and shoes. If, like, I was really hungry for toast with marmalade, I could get along with a bad fit to get to breakfast on time. Or if I was late for a dentist appointment. Or if the house was smoldering on a particularly windy day.

Priorities and all.

On the other hand, there are a million Zen Facebook reprimands and reminders to “live in the moment”.  To be aware of where I am right here, right now. To take notice of the little things, joy and pleasure in small blessings. To create or notice simple moments of synchronicity in my life so that should I be called on to head a Middle East Peace Summit or solve an argument over who gets the last Snack Pack chocolate pudding - or, perhaps, both - I’ll be able to concentrate on promoting harmonies outside myself without my own neediness getting in the way.

I won’t be all “What’s the solution to these two countries getting along and not killing each other over pudding so much as they are, but more importantly, my socks and shoes are too tight and I can‘t concentrate on anything else so bombs away.”

It’s hard to figure it all out.

In the meantime, I’ll take an extra moment to find the right pair of socks for the proper footwear. And I’ll pause and reflect on the fact that I’m indulging in the luxury of being a complainer at the same time that I’m acknowledging the possibility of finding joy in simplicity.

Or maybe I’ll just eat some toast and marmalade.

Peace on earth starts at home.

I can’t solve the world's problems if I'm not comfortable in my own shoes.

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