It's light outside! It's usually dark in the morning!

Mom: Time moved back an hour.

Child:  We can do that? Just change time?

Mom:  No. Only I can. I'm a Time Lord.

Child:  Really?!

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My 5-year-old son's drawing of the himself with the cast of Dr. Who:

Dr. Who, Amy Pond, and Rory

Dr. Who is saying "I am The Doctor."

Rory is commenting on the weird sun in the sky.

Amy is singing the YMCA song.

The giant eye above them is, of course, an Atraxia spaceship.

One can only imagine.


Maria Melee said...

PONDS. ELEVEN. THIS. Man, my 5yo would crap his pants over Doctor Who. Maybe in a few years. said...

Maria, I had never watched Dr. Who, even in the days I was staying up late to watch Monty Python and Benny Hill.

But this! I'm hooked. It's really, really good. Fabulous writing, great stories, wacky science, madness abounds!

Xeompho said...

Ah. Well, having not grown up with Dr Who in the living room in terrifying ghostly black and white and SCREAMING extermination-obsessed daleks threatening to puncture their way through the tv glass and run over you faster than you can get to a staircase - you obviously aren't aware of the power of Dr Who to frighten the living fuck out small children.

So don't say I didn't warn you!

I truly hope you don't end up regretting sharing the delightful wonder that is THE DOCTOR with your little one!

exterminate...ExtermiNATE...EXTERMINAAAAAATEEE!!! said...

As with most things, Dr. Who scares the bejeezus out of me, while my kids are more terrified and kept up at night by things like stinkbugs, thoughts of the sun burning out in 4 billion years, or fears that we'll stumble into another Great Depression and they'll end up eating turnips and having to use an outhouse.

Though seriously, it's a good point. Dr. Who is intense at times. The older girls watch the episodes first, and then censor/edit what they know will freak out the little kid. The Weeping Angels episode was a no-go. And the creepy clown guys on Spaceship UK were censored - as all creepy clown guys should be.

Daleks are oddly beloved in the house. Which causes another kind of worry, I suppose.

jess said...

This post is made of awesomeness. Also it reminds me of another conversation- this one between two 2nd graders.

Carlos: My uncle's name is almost the same as mine. His name is CarLOS and my name is CarLOS! I'm the real one. He's a fake.

Stone: But how can you be the real one? He was born first.

Carlos [deeply offended]: Nuh UH!!!

Stone: Then why is he older?

Carlos: ...

Stone: Did he time travel?

Carlos [overcome with amazement at Stone's wisdom]: YEAH!!!!!!

Stone: Is he a TIME LORD!?!??!??

Carlos: YEAH!!!!!!!

I love kids. :) said...

Jess, love it!!!

Coincidentally, I've been reading a book by one of my favorite authors that I've rediscovered from my youth: William Sleator. His best known story is House of Stairs and Interstellar Pig. But I just read The Boxes, and it's about time travel. Also, When You Reach me, the Newberry Award Winner from a few years ago is also a cool book on a similar topic. It's hard to say too much without being a spoiler, but great books. All very Dean Koontz and Twilight Zone.

jess said...

I love William Sleator! You have to find the nonfic one he wrote about growing up in a family of wacky siblings. I need to go track it down myself!

jess said...


And they have it at my library!!!!!

And W.S. died just a few months ago. :( said...

Jess, I just read about that one...I think on the Wiki page?

He was an interesting character. He passed away this last August. :-(

Luckily, there is a big backlog of books to read, and some coming out on eBook.

I'll never forget that summer reading House of Stairs while listening to Led Zeppelin IV. I tried to encourage my daughter to do the same, but she's much more level-headed than I was back then. I blame the 70s. ;-) said...

WHoa...we were writing at the same time! Lol!

Anonymous said...

I love this post for so many reasons.
1 - the initial "I may be a Time Lord" comment
2 - the drawing
3 - the fact that your 5-year-old loves the Doc-tah, as does my 5-year old (and my 8 YO and 10 YO)
4 - Amy is singing "YMCA" - I hope that's not a spoiler...I haven't seen the second half of Season 6. said...

thatnolenchick, lol! No, it's not a spoiler.

At least, I don't *think* it is. Hmmmmm. :-)

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